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What are the Finer Things in life? For me, they center around home, family life, and God. This section of my blog spans many topics, from interior design to log cabin building to emergency preparedness. But really, it’s all about creating a comfortable, beautiful, nurturing home environment.

I hope these tips and reflections will improve your family life, too. This 15-Minute rule for exercise and other easy-to-miss activities can be truly life changing. If sibling rivalry is a challenge in your house, these tips may help.

For me, beauty and function go together. Your home is your canvas—developing your personal style makes life better! A farmhouse style bedroom in cool colors isn’t just easy on the eyes; it can help you sleep.

It’s super important to enjoy stress-less holidays and have fun, too. Celebrating your wedding anniversary in style can set a great example for your kids. In family life, it’s all interconnected!