15 Minute Rule


This post is for you mothers out there that have so much to do that you don’t even know which thing to do first. Do you ever just stand in the middle of your den and look around and wonder what to do next? I think I do this daily at some point or another. Do I pay bills, vacuum,  wash dishes, file papers, plan school, do school, clean off the book shelf, clean out clothes…well, you get the drift.

Each morning I spend an hour or so reading my Bible and planning the day, but interruptions inevitably come my way as I try to accomplish what is on my list. Most of the time I take these interruptions as a message that I am really not as in control as I think that I am – it is very humbling, but a necessary part of my growth.

There is one constant that I can keep somewhat consistent. It is that all-important  break I take to play with my little ones every 15 minute. This 15 minute play break keeps me connected to the truly important purpose that I was created to accomplish; that of loving and training my children.

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Hopscotch Learning Games

No matter what other “important” things that I have to do, while I have little ones (or big ones for that matter), spending time with my husband and kids is THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFT THAT I CAN GIVE THEM. It helps me to keep perspective too and helps me not to take the urgent things quite so seriously.

Sometimes I may only play for 3 minutes and others maybe I will play for 15, but even a little time changes the tone of my home from a serious place to a place of wonder, laughter, and imagination. I hope that my kids will pass the 15 minute rule onto their children and their children’s children. May God Bless You today as you spend time doing the IMPORTANT things in life.

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