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This is the e-book version of Tracking the Outdoors In… Wild Game- Food For Your Family has recipes that use nutritious wild game, fish, and vegetables that are exceptionally delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare. This is a refreshing cookbook filled with heartwarming photographs of her beautiful family catching the fish and gathering the vegetables to prepare their healthy meals, such as the Crispy Bream and Roasted Vegetables only to be topped off with Gray’s Peaches and Vanilla Cream Dessert.

Not only are the recipes delicious, there are health facts and cooking hints sprinkled through the book along with vivid photographs of every recipe. Stacy clearly is inspired and inspires others from her overflow of love and priority for family and home and it is beautifully translated to the pages of her cookbook. Anyone with a desire to be healthier, dine on exceptionally delicious and surprisingly simple food, and get back to the natural ingredients that were meant for the body, needs this book.

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2 reviews for WILD GAME- FOOD FOR YOUR FAMILY (e-book)

  1. Mark Egelston

    Very nice

  2. Donnie Taylor


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