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Love Language of the South is much more than a cookbook: it’s a celebration of the food, the hospitality, and the stories of my southern home. I’m so excited to share it with you!

As you journey through this book, I want to introduce you to some of the people in my life, take you to some of my favorite places, and share a few celebrations and memories that have sparked my imagination in the kitchen. The time I spend cooking is time I spend loving. It’s the language I know best, and if you’re willing to put up your feet and stay a while, I’d like to share it with you. Come on in. Make yourself at home. Let’s get cookin’.

I believe the Southerner can be summed up in
one word: passion. Passion for each other, manners,
hospitality, home, holidays, and, of course, food.”

—Stacy Lyn Harris

With Love Language of the South you’ll:

  • Learn how to make seven-minute frosting, mile-high meringue, cheddar bacon biscuits, the perfect Thanksgiving dressing, and other Southern recipes that have love written all over them
  • See how to put a wholesome meal together in no time
  • Have access to Stacy Lyn’s meal plans
  • Have your arsenal ready to feed and entertain unexpected guests
  • Know just what to make for every occasion from celebrations to the holidays
  • Laugh, cry, and learn some of the lessons I’ve learned through my Southern life and the food that accompanied it
  • Enjoy soul food with me, journey to farmers’ markets and fish fries, and feel the warm embrace—and sometimes the stern talking-to—of a momma’s love.

Rave Reviews for Love Language of the South

“From ‘Sunday Dinners’ to ‘Compassion in a Casserole,’ love remains the theme and food is always front and center. Stacy Lyn’s recipes are dead-on and leave you inspired to gather friends and family and feed them well.” —Carla Hall, Author of Carla Hall’s Soul Food, Cooking with Love, and Carla’s Comfort Foods and Television host as seen on Food Network and ABC’s The Chew

Love Language of the South beautifully, and deliciously, celebrates the table of what I believe is America’s truest cultural food genre. The American southeast, with all its influences from our first peoples, the Caribbean, Africa, western Europe is American food. Stacy Lyn Harris’ stories, recipes, and love of the outdoors, from field to stream to gardens, makes this book a must for every food lover.” —Andrew Zimmern, Four Times James Beard Award Winner, co-creator and host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods America, Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations and more

“God, Family, and Country are the foundation of this country’s values. A great place to build and strengthen that foundation is around the kitchen table sharing delicious meals with the people you love – Stacy Lyn shows you how.” —Craig Morgan, Country Music Hitmaker, author, celebrated outdoorsman, and Army veteran

“Stacy Lyn is the matriarch of her family and lives, teaches, preserves, and strengthens her family by the way she chooses to live every day….And then there is food. Stacy Lyn has shown us how to approach life, gardening, cooking, family, celebrations and how to live by the rhythm of Mother Earth. Respecting each season and its bounty, its opportunity, and the hope of a life well lived. Bravo on your new book SLH…. you make the world a better place and we are grateful.” —Chris Hastings, owner and executive chef of Hot & Hot Fish Club and Ovenbird and winner of the James Beard Award “Best Chef in the South.”

Stacy Lyn sitting in truck with open door, smiling in camo and hat

“Stacy Lyn Harris’s newest book, Love Language of the South, approaches hosting and entertaining with casual reverence and a bit of whimsy. From formal dining menus and memories associated with passed-down favorites to recipe categories like, “There’s a Fundraiser for Everything” and “Banana Pudding and Pies: A Reason to Fight in the South,” Stacy Lyn’s latest release offers an approachable guide to serving up some of the South’s finest dishes. The stories of her grandmother, homesteading with her family, and hosting celebrations of all sizes woven throughout the book are endearing and inspiring. Readers will be encouraged by this book, complete with recipe tips, entertaining guides, and gorgeous photography, to host their own gatherings, feeling confident that they, too, can leave pretense at the door and invite family and friends to join them around the table.” —Anna Hartzog, editor of Entertain & Celebrate

Love Language of the South is Stacy Lyn’s refreshing take on both American and International cuisine. This is not your typical down-home Southern cookbook with the usual fried chicken and barbecue recipes. And while the book is an incredible resource for contemporary Southern cuisine, take the time to read Stacy’s thoughts on God, family, gardening, chickens, and life in the South. I absolutely love Love Language of the South.” —Scott Leysath, producer of The Sporting Chef, The Fishmonger, and Ranch America and host of Dead Meat

“There is no better place to build and strengthen those foundations that matter most than around the kitchen table sharing delicious meals with the people you love. And the fried jalapeño cornbread changed my life!” —Creek Stewart, Television Host & Author

“In her signature style, Stacy draws you into her world and causes you feel like you’re sitting at her table enjoying a glass of sweet tea. Her elegant, yet simple recipes are accessible to everyone, and I can’t wait to start whipping them up in my prairie kitchen.” —Jill Winger, author of Old-Fashioned on Purpose and The Prairie Homestead Cookbook

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A Sneak Peak into Love Language of the South

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