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Hey! I’m Stacy Lyn Harris.

I love life, and I like to make every minute of it count. My books are one way that I aim to share the joy of healthy, happy living with you. Another is through my TV show, The Sporting Chef.

I’m an author, speaker, gardener, photographer, lawyer, and TV host…but I’m also a wife and the mother of 7 children, which carries with it some pretty heavy-cooking duties. Yes, I had all 7 children, and I remember each of their births QUITE well.

With 9 mouths to feed three times a day, a lot of thought, time, and energy goes into the food we eat. That’s why my blog centers on recipes that feed my family!

I’m a believer that old recipes are tried and true, simple food is better, and great ingredients make great meals.

The recipes you’ll find here are accessible, easy, fresh, and beautiful — because beautiful food tastes better.

You’ll also find posts here on gardening, home, family, chickens, bees, land, wildlife management, wild game, and artful living. I believe all of life is art — the perfect canvas for beauty and creativity. I can’t help but share with you the extraordinary I find in living ordinary!

Stacy Lyn Harris, host of The Sporting Chef Mondays at 8:30P ET

If you watch even one of my videos, you’ll be able to tell that I’m from “L.A.” That’s Lower Alabama. I’ve lived in Alabama my entire life, and I couldn’t be more proud. The South is where I learned to cook.

Who would have known that sharing the love of a lifestyle would bring so many wonderful people and opportunities into my life.  I could not be more blessed by God!! I hope you’ll stick around and join me in living a healthier, tastier, and more beautiful creative life!!

Please note that you may find my name spelled every which way online: not only Stacy Lyn but also Stacy Lynn and even Stacey Lyn or Stacey Lynn! My signature recipes live here, under stacylynharris.com.

I’d love to hear from you!

Who would have known that sharing the love of a lifestyle would bring so many wonderful people and opportunities into my life.  I could not be more blessed by God! I hope you’ll stick around and join me in living a healthier, tastier, and more beautiful creative life.

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A Dash of Goodness

In this section you’ll find my easy-to-make recipes and family-tested cooking tips. A Dash Of Goodness will give you the best mouthwatering and savory recipes for your appetizers, lunch, dinner, desserts, and more.

These tried-and-true, old-and-new recipes are the same dishes I serve my own large family on a regular basis.  Some of our favorites like Gray’s Fried Chicken and Deviled Eggs go all the way back to my Granny Gray, who inspired me in so many ways. Others like No Knead Artisan Bread are the result of tons of kitchen testing and experimentation.

If you’re looking for wild game and free-range meat, check out my venison recipes and tips and Stuffed Pork Chops with Dijon Glaze. For traditional southern sides, try this fabulous Southern Fried Cornbread and my three foolproof methods for Southern Buttermilk Biscuits.

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget dessert! My  Grandmama’s Chocolate Meringue Pie is a hands-down favorite. Want to keep things simple? My kids have been helping make these Sugar Cookies since before they could talk.

Stacy Lyn makes Alabama White BBQ Sauce for The Sporting Chef TV Show.
Fern in cast iron planter with flowers on the bottom
Ferns can stay lush and green all year round!

Game and Garden

Game and Garden is really a lifelong journey. The wild game recipes, gardening tips, and how-to articles reflect our family’s love of hunting, growing, and harvesting our own food. Sustainable living can be fun—and delicious!

My husband filled our freezer with venison and other wild game, and I learned new ways to cook these healthy meats. To start with, venison doesn’t have to be tough and stringy. Check out my 10 Tips to Know When Preparing Venison and 21 Ways to Use Venison. You will be amazed at what you can do with this versatile wild game.

Some of these recipes honor my Southern roots: how about some Persian Venison Stew over Cheesy Garlic Grits? And for the gourmet, there is Grilled Quail with Caramelized Peaches and Figs. There is no need to skimp on flavor and presentation when cooking wild game. Also, why not grow flavor in your own herb garden?

In Game and Garden I also share lots of tips for growing your own food and preparing homegrown vegetables. If you love greens, check out How to Thin and Harvest Greens for Easier Cleaning and Cleaning and Cooking Collard Greens.

Finer Things

What are the Finer Things in life? For me, they center around home, family life, and God. This section of my blog spans many topics, from interior design to log cabin building to emergency preparedness. But really, it’s all about creating a comfortable, beautiful, nurturing home environment.

I hope these tips and reflections will improve your family life, too. This 15-Minute rule for exercise and other easy-to-miss activities can be truly life changing. If sibling rivalry is a challenge in your house, these tips may help.

For me, beauty and function go together. Your home is your canvas—developing your personal style makes life better! A farmhouse style bedroom in cool colors isn’t just easy on the eyes; it can help you sleep.

It’s super important to enjoy stress-less holidays and have fun, too. Celebrating your wedding anniversary in style can set a great example for your kids. In family life, it’s all interconnected!

A shot of a living room at Stacy Lyn Harris's Purple Door house showing how she uses color in her accent pieces and furniture to make a cohesive interior design

Homeschooling is a choice that more and more parents are making. If you clicked on my homeschooling section, I’m guessing that you are at least curious about this option for your children’s education. First, I want to reassure you: you can do this! I learned as I went along, and I know that if I can do it, so can you. I’m currently deep into writing a book on homeschooling to share all the resources and tips that I’ve gathered along the way.

Homeschooling seven children hasn’t been easy—many of the resources in my book weren’t available when I started. But I wouldn’t choose differently today. The rewards have been great, for my kids’ education and our family life. Several of my children have moved on to college and are thriving.

Stacy Lyn’s Activities


Stacy Lyn Harris’s first book, Tracking the Outdoors In (2011), has been a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and has led to opportunities she never could have imagined. Soon after its release, she wrote Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living (Krause, 2013) and created a lifestyle and cooking DVD, Gourmet Venison: Tasty Field to Table Recipes (Krause, 2013). Her latest book, Stacy Lyn’s Harvest Cookbook, was sold out on Amazon within hours of its release. She has contributed to Black Belt Bounty cookbook along with David Bancroft and myriad other great chefs. She also is co-author of Outdoor Channel’s Taste of the Wild along with Andrew Zimmern, Steven Rinella, Mike Robinson, Mario Kapou, and Nick Hoffman. Stacy Lyn’s upcoming book will be out from Hachette Book Group in 2023.

TV Personality

Stacy Lyn is the host of The Sporting Chef television show on Outdoor Channel and regularly appears on world-wide shows on networks such as NBC, TBN, and Daystar.

Speaker and Writer

As a writer and speaker, Stacy Lyn shares her passion for the outdoors, wild game cooking, and finer living through many different outlets. She writes regularly for national and local magazines and has been featured widely, including in Southern Living, Glamour, Healthy Living, First for Women, Parade Magazine, Covey Rise, and Where Women Create. She was the first woman to write for and grace the cover of Backwoodsman Magazine. Other groundbreaking venues include Art of Manliness (a brilliant website), Mossy Oak GameKeepers Magazine, and The Outpost. Additionally, she is a regular speaker for Homesteaders of America.

Stacy Lyn has performed cooking demos and speaks to thousands about conservation, sustainability, small-farm life, and cooking fresh and/or wild at events such The Country Living Show, Southeastern Outdoor Writers Association, Pheasant Fest, and many more. She feels blessed to speak for churches and other civic groups on raising a family and the importance of home, gardening, and health.

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Stacy Lyn Harris in doorway, smiling with tray of food