Taking the Time to Serve Family is What We Need Right Now


Just so you know, I have been thinking of writing this blog for the past couple of days. It’s Wednesday now, and I have had interruptions, delays, and unexpected events throughout my entire week, but is that uncommon in the life of a mother and wife? I think not. I wonder why I ever think this will be different. My mom told me long ago that time management was going to get even more daunting as the kids got older. I listened respectfully, but thought, “There is no way that is happening; I can’t imagine a busier life.” Well, guess what? Mom is always right.

Stacy Lyn Harris family crab boil
Finding time in my busy schedule to serve my family pays off–I served up this delicious crab boil the other night!

In fact, one of my sons is standing next to me right now, asking me questions about writing his first check to the IRS. He needs to know which of the four addresses on the confusing form to send his payment to. Let’s face it, our kids will always need us. I still need my parents.

In thinking about what to write to you today, I felt that sheer honesty was best. My life is full—to the max—and has gotten more full since this Covid-19 scare. Not wanting our employees to get sick, I’ve worked my hardest to learn their jobs to help Scott with emergencies. My oldest son, who is about to graduate dental school in a month, is assisting Scott while one of my daughters and I take care of filing the insurance, collecting fees, taking notes, and more. I have to admit, this is not my favorite thing to do in the world. I’d much rather be keeping house, writing recipes and sharing thoughts and ideas with you.

Stacy Lyn Harris oldest son and youngest daughter

The thing is, during crunch times like these, the reality of why we exist really comes into the light. My purpose right now is very clear—to help my husband and children with the best of myself, not my left-overs. Though I feel that I am living 15 minutes to 15 minutes, life is good. I am fulfilled, happy, full of joy (most of the time) knowing that I am fulfilling my purpose. Yes, things don’t get finished as soon as I’d like them to, but they eventually do. I heard something long ago—those that accomplish show up every day. SHOWING UP is what we have to do. Really, that’s it.

My seven kids range from ages 10 to 25. They are all home at the moment and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am seeing, and want to pass on to you, mothers and fathers of very young kids, that as your kids get older they will need you just as much, if not more, than they did when they were toddlers, especially if you have instilled in them the desire to make a difference. Navigating adult life is incredibly challenging in today’s world. They need your guidance. 

Stacy Lyn Harris fishing at the beacg
I know when this is all over, I’ll be ready to take one of our famous Harris family fishing trips!

Last point—I remember as a teenager my mom relating to me that if I couldn’t be respectful and kind to my family, then I had no business being so friendly to my friends. I didn’t like hearing that very much, but it is so true. I have taken this wisdom on with me in my adult life and my ongoing message to myself is, “if I can’t serve my family as I need to, I have no business serving others.” This way, I never let go of my priorities or get side-tracked into believing the lie that I am needed more elsewhere. No one can do your job as a mom and dad. That’s all YOU!

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  1. Sarah Conaway says:

    I believe in loving self and self care and allowing that to flow to your family first and then your community. It’s very true that just showing up is something the conduit to profound change. I show up for my life and that is evident in the smallest things (preparing tea each night, journaling, essential oils) to the bigger picture (our core beliefs, disciplines, life goals).

    1. I Love that Sarah! Thanks. I do think you are so right.

  2. Tracy Roseberry says:

    Thank you for sharing these truths. It really puts it all in to perspective and I love your mom’s wise sayings as it reminds of my feisty little mama who is no longer here on earth but with our Heavenly Father in Heaven… she was wise and feisty and full of sayings that I still reflect on And they always are full of really good wise advice.
    PS , I recently purchased the ANNA Apple tree and keifer pear that you recommended
    I’ll let you know when we start enjoying the fruits from those trees. I’m in the early phases of chickens and garden homesteading.

    1. That’s fantastic Tracy! I can’t wait to see a photo of your trees. Please send a few to me. Thanks for your kindness. I am so happy to still have my mom’s advice. I know you carry your mom’s in your heart! I know you must miss her like crazy. We will all be together!

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