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    Soft, comfortable, durable t-shirts with a rugged weathered look. Pick your color to see available sizes.

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    Turkey Track Pigmented Cap


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    This 100% cotton, low profile, six panel, pigment-dyed cap will become your #1 go-to! It definitely is mine.

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    Stacy Lyn’s Harvest Cookbook

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    Harvest has been a true pleasure to write. It’s about straight forward simple cooking with fresh ingredients all year round.

    Inside you’ll find over one-hundred mouth-watering recipes, plus fifteen articles and “how to’s,” along with with family stories sprinkled throughout.

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    In “The Garden,” Fried Green Tomatoes, Jalapeño Poppers, Corn Chowder, and Fried Squash with Tomatoes and Pesto will make you wish it was summer all year long.

    You’ll learn how to keep bees and chickens that will help you create an amazing Honey Butter to pour over Cinnamon Pear Buns and your favorite Egg Salad Sandwiches with Refrigerator Pickles in “Beyond the Garden.”

    Braised Short Ribs, Black-Eyed Pea Gumbo, and Juicy Pork Chops are a few of my favorites in “From the Pasture” and you’ll be a sausage making expert, as well as create the best Stuffed Meatloaf and Duck Meatballs after reading from “Woods and Water.”

    I’ve added my very favorite entertaining recipes, Best Ever Clam Bake and Perfect Fish Tacos, in “Seafood and Fish.”

    Harvest is a “celebration” book! It’s a celebration of everything fresh and simple. Knowing local farmers and artisans and cooking from the foods grown in your own backyard is worth celebrating. Now, go celebrate and pass it down to the next generation! Happy Cooking!!

    –Stacy Lyn Harris

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  • Happy Healthy Family Cookbook




    Nutritious Wild Game, Fish, and Vegetables that are Exceptionally Delicious and Surprisingly Easy to Prepare.

    For many, preparing wild game seems to be a daunting task. Not only does Stacy give the information needed to melt away any intimidation of cooking from the wild, but she also gives the techniques to simplify the process of making succulent, excellent meals. Her tried and true recipes come from a heart to love her family through cooking extraordinarily delicious food gathered from the garden, and hunted and fished from the wild.

    Stacy writes from a passion that wild venison, wild turkey, duck, quail, pheasant, fish, fruits, and vegetables without hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides, and without being genetically modified are the most nutritious and tasty foods one can eat. She has created simply delicious and elegant recipes such as Stuffed Venison Loin to her more casual, but equally healthful and delicious hearty soups. Every recipe reflects a casual elegance that is doable to the home cook and makes family and guests feel very special and well cared for. Inspiring photographs of all the recipes will entice you to get in the kitchen and create healthful, nutritious, delicious, and gorgeous meals for your family and friends.

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    This is the e-book version of Tracking the Outdoors In… Wild Game- Food For Your Family has recipes that use nutritious wild game, fish, and vegetables that are exceptionally delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare. This is a refreshing cookbook filled with heartwarming photographs of her beautiful family catching the fish and gathering the vegetables to prepare their healthy meals, such as the Crispy Bream and Roasted Vegetables only to be topped off with Gray’s Peaches and Vanilla Cream Dessert.

    Not only are the recipes delicious, there are health facts and cooking hints sprinkled through the book along with vivid photographs of every recipe. Stacy clearly is inspired and inspires others from her overflow of love and priority for family and home and it is beautifully translated to the pages of her cookbook. Anyone with a desire to be healthier, dine on exceptionally delicious and surprisingly simple food, and get back to the natural ingredients that were meant for the body, needs this book.

  • Stacy Lyn's Handbook: Preserving 101 - canning, freezing & drying

    Preserving 101: Canning, Freezing & Drying


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    The perfect guide to preserving fresh food all year. The guide contains “how-to’s” for water bath canning, pressure canning, freezing, and drying using the sun, oven, and dehydrator. Recipes are included for all sections. I believe within every person there is an instinctive desire to  be self-sufficient. Even among modern people there is a resurgence to gain control of one’s food and everything pertaining to it. Because of the prosperity in our country, we have lost the art and pleasure in sustainable practices that not only enrich our palate but maintains the traditions that connect us to our ancestors and a simpler way of life.  This is the 1st volume of Preserving 101 which will include a mixture of ancient and more modern preservation methods.

    People think that canning or drying foods is scary and difficult, but just the opposite; it is healthy and easy.   When you, dry, can and freeze the produce you have grown, you know absolutely everything that has gone into those vegetables and fruits.  You are taking charge of your own health and food.  Not only are you taking charge of your family’s health and the food that they eat, you are working together as a family for a common good and enjoying relationships that will last for a lifetime, not to mention extra money for any surplus that you may sell.

    This handbook is great for the survivalist, homesteader, homecook, and nutrition conscious parent. It’s a must-have for every kitchen.

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    The perfect gift for the big game chef in your family. Dishes you can prepare with the various cuts of venison are displayed on the front of the apron. At…

  • As with all of our products, the wood is hand-picked and hand-hewn. I have always loved cherrywood and this is one way I can enjoy it daily! Everyone needs a tasting spoon to hand down through the generations.

    Hand-Hewn Cherrywood Tasting Spoon


    As with all of our products, the wood is hand-picked and hand-hewn. I have always loved cherrywood and this is one way I can enjoy it daily! Everyone needs a tasting spoon to hand down through the generations. The spoon is approximately 15 inches long. 

    Order Now – Place your order now for this product. Contact me on our Contact Page and let me know what you like and we will hand-make it for you. If you like this product, we will make it as close as possible. Our heirloom collection is hand-hewn and every product is unique.

  • Heirloom Hickory Gumbo Paddle


    The hickory wood for this Gumbo Paddle is hand-picked and hand-hewn by our artisans. Hickory is known for its toughness, strength, and stiffness and is used for tools, wheels, walking sticks and now my Gumbo Paddle. This kitchen tool will become an heirloom as you stir soups, gumbo, or make fresh scrambled eggs through the years in tender care for your family. From my home to yours….

    The Hickory Gumbo Paddle is approximately 16 inches.

    Place your order now for your own made-to-order Heirloom Hickory Gumbo Paddle. Each item will vary and be perfectly unique for you.