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Stacy Lyn's Harvest Cookbook
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“These recipes grabbed me, and I was almost too hungry to finish writing this blurb.  Stacy Lyn took me back to Sunday Suppers at my Granny’s when I was growing up.  Whether you’re a farmer, a hunter, an avid gardener, or just a lover of really good food, you’ll be drawn in by Stacy Lyn’s Harvest.  She’s the real deal!” Carla Hall, Chef, Co-Host ABC’s The Chew, and Author of Cooking with Love and Carla’s Comfort Food

“Stacy Lyn’s Harvest Cookbook [is] about straight-forward, simple home cooking with fresh ingredients. If you like to grow your own recipes or hunt your own wild game, this book is for you. Stacy gives tips on everything from growing sustainable gardens to bee keeping and making your own sausage.” Southern Living Editors’ Choice, Cookbook of the Week

“Stacy Lyn and I have a long-standing love of sustainable living and blurring the lines between the indoors and out. But I’ve always thought she shined the brightest when creating recipes in the kitchen. With this cookbook, she gives traditional Southern recipes a fresh, modern take with lighter ingredients. My soul is singing with happiness.” P. Allen Smith, lifestyle expert, author and host of PBS series P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table,  P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, and Garden Style.

With simplicity and style, Stacy Lyn’s Harvest Cookbook is an exquisite collection of tasty recipes, tips and “how to’s” that will inspire you to play in the dirt, seek out nature, and get into the kitchen. She has a gift for simplifying the process of growing your own garden, and illustrating how tasty free-range and pasture fed meats are when prepared the right way. Even if you don’t “do it yourself,” Stacy Lyn will open your eyes to the beauty and benefits of sourcing local at farmers markets and local farms to find the freshest ingredients, and put the most delectable food on your table. Page after enlightening page, Harvest is a must–have for anyone who savors fresh flavors! Dana Popoff: Producer. Good Eats & Feasting on…  Series with Alton Brown/Food Network & Cooking Thin with Kathleen Daelemans/ Food Network, and Rusty’s RockFeast: On the Road with Zac Brown Band/FYI Network

After having spent the past few years working with her on The Sporting Chef TV show, I’ve been able to get to know the “behind the scenes” Stacy Lyn Harris. Unlike many other TV personalities, she is the same person off-camera as she is when she is entertaining our viewers with her endearing Southern charm and culinary expertise. From the moment I took my first bite of her Venison Scaloppine, I was hooked on Stacy for life.

This book captures the essence of Stacy Lyn Harris’ sustainable lifestyle, devotion to her faith and family and true love of incredible, yet uncomplicated cuisine. Although Stacy’s kitchen is decidedly Southern, her recipes appeal to anyone who appreciates great seasonal food that is locally sourced. She has inspired me to plant more, grow more and enjoy life more than ever before.

Our television crew can’t wait for our next visit to the Harris kitchen. Once the cameras are turned off, the dishes she just prepared are consumed in a veritable feeding frenzy. Take it from someone who has had the distinct pleasure of eating dozens of Stacy Lyn Harris’ brand of cooking anything with fur, fins and feathers, she is the real deal. This is a book that you and your family will cherish for years to come.
Scott Leysath, best selling author and host of the award winning show The Sporting Chef

If you’re thinking that Alabama native Stacy Lyn Harris’ Harvest is merely a collection of well-worn Southern classics, you’d be wrong. Sure, her Southern charm shines throughout the book, but Harris’ range and depth in the kitchen will open up all sorts of new culinary worlds for your own harvest — whether it’s from the field, the water or the forest.
Hank Shaw, author of three cookbooks and the James Beard Award-winning website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

“Stacy has created yet another mouth watering cookbook that will both enable and inspire you to get real with your kitchen.  The recipes are clear and the graphics are inviting, but that’s not all.  For those of us that want to learn to use fresh produce and fresh meats, Harvest provides a creative education in how to combine healthful ingredients to produce delectable results that the whole family will enjoy.  Good food is about so much more than cooking; good food is a process that brings people together to celebrate in thanksgiving what God has so abundantly provided.  Eat hearty with Harvest.”
Tessa Zundel, author of The Do It Yourself Homestead

“Stacy Lyn Harris is the real Pioneer Woman.” Hunter Lewis EditorCooking Light Magazine

Order Tracking the Outdoors In
Order Tracking the Outdoors In

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“God has truly blessed us with wild game animals. It is our job to manage the herd. We have always been taught to never shoot something that you are not going to eat. The thing about Stacy’s book is that it gives different ways to enjoy our wild game. The great thing about wild game, especially venison, is that it has no fat, no cholesterol, and is very healthy for many diets. If you have never tried wild game, I would highly recommend it and using Stacy’s methods of cooking it.”
Jackie Bushman, founder of Buckmasters and television host of Buckmasters and the Jackie Bushman Show

“Let’s face it, we know a thing or two about eating, and this is a book that will bring new life to your family table. Most everyone who says they do not enjoy wild game, has never had it prepared properly. This book, filled with wonderful ideas on how to prepare some of the most wonderful dishes your mouth has ever enjoyed, will either change your mind on wild game or will take you to another level of enjoyment, if you already love wild game like us.”
Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey, nationally syndicated radio personalities, avid outdoorsmen, and authors of New York Times best-selling books

“As an outdoorsman I know the special memories and bonds that are created when you share the love of the outdoors with family and friends. So too does breaking bread with the people you cherish especially when you’re preparing and eating your own fresh fish and game. I have had the privilege of dining across the country and around the world and I can say the recipes in their book represent the most flavorful old you’ll find anywhere.”
Ray Scott, founder of Bassmasters, Whitetail Institute, and author of Bass Boss and Prospecting and Selling From a Fishing Hole to a Pot of Gold

“Anyone who hunts, fishes, or just enjoys eating meals fit for a king needs to have this cookbook. Those who don’t hunt will find themselves begging their friends that hunt to ‘share the bounty’ after enjoying these recipes. I have spent my whole life hunting and fishing and have been in lodges all over the world. The one thing in common is they all say they have the best wild game recipes. Well, now they will, because Stacy has gone beyond the traditional few items that are always served and has touched her wild game recipes with a style suited to the best restaurants of the world! Whether it is the Wild Turkey Piccata or the Parmesan Venison, you will find her creations stunning.”
Dan Moultrie, founder of Moultrie Game Products, and world renowned outfitter and hunter