Essential Tips for Creating a Restful Bedroom

Everyone’s bedroom is different. When the rest of your house succumbs to daily chaos, having a bedroom sanctuary to escape to comes in handy. Of course, not all bedrooms are created equal! To get that restful, peaceful, zen-like bedroom space with all the essentials, you need to follow these ten steps.

A picture of home decor and artwork in Stacy Lyn Harris's restful bedroom, from her blog on How to Create a Restful Bedroom

I’ve found that there are 10 essentials to creating a restful, peaceful bedroom. After having seven kids, I’ve become well-acquainted with one of life’s universal rules: Momma needs her rest! I’ve searched for ways to make sure that happens, because my kids need a happy, restful, energetic mom in a good mood.

For some reason, I developed a little bit of a sleeping problem in my college days. I’m not sure if my sleep problems started as a hormonal or stress issue, or if they’re caused by my personality, but ever since college I have been on a quest to find ways to calm my mind and create the best environment for peaceful sleep.

Being away from home sometimes causes its own sleep problems, but I know from my travels that hotel rooms often have an environment that is perfectly conducive to rest and relaxation. I feel like the lack of clutter, the monochromatic decor, and the cool, colored walls induce that feeling of comfort in the room.

I sleep in my bedroom, of course, but I also use it as a work space. Thus, it’s a little difficult to completely cut the clutter out of my bedroom and maximize the restfulness of the space. I realize we all have these sorts of obstacles to work around (a lot of us work from home!), so I’ve given extra consideration to reducing the clutter in this list.

Focus only on the essentials!

How to Create a Restful Bedroom with all the Essentials

  1. Color matters. Bright, loud colors are great for when you want to feel fun and perky, but when you’re trying to sleep, they tend to keep you awake. Another adverse effect they can have is making it feel like the temperature is warmer. Cool colored walls, such as a gray/blue, lavender, or a cool green are optimal for a bedroom.
  2. Keep it cool. Maintain a temperature around 65 degrees for optimal sleeping.
  3. Have a bedside table. Make space for a bedside table or desk with a lamp or reading light. In my small space I double the bedside table for a desk.
  4. I keep reading materials, a pad, pencil, flowers or greenery, and a lamp and a clock if I need to get up ata a certain time. If you don’t need to awake at a certain time, allow your body clock to tell you when to get up.A picture of home decor and artwork in Stacy Lyn Harris's restful bedroom, from her blog on How to Create a Restful Bedroom
  5. Anchor the space with a comfortable chair. A comfortable and versatile chair is essential for any room, though it’s often neglected in the bedroom. It can provide a restful space for taking a break, and it can double as a chair for writing at the desk, reading a book, or putting on your shoes. I use chairs often to anchor a room. They always finish a room off and give it personality.
  6. Keep a notepad handy. A pad and pencil are essential to me on my bedside table. I awake often with ideas or things I may have forgotten to do the day before. It is necessary for me to write them down, getting them off my mind for optimal sleep. I have a ceramic dish that holds pens, pencils, and a notepad placed conveniently on my bedside table.
  7. Freshen up the room with flowers. Fresh flowers may seem like a luxury, but they are essential for me. Flowers are proven to elevate our moods and give a sense of well-being. That’s why flowers are often the gift of choice for people who are in the hospital.A picture of home decor and artwork in Stacy Lyn Harris's restful bedroom, from her blog on How to Create a Restful Bedroom
  8. There can never be too many pillows. Now this is the one thing that the hotels don’t do that I recommend. There is nothing more inviting than a tidy bed with pillows that look like you could just sink deeply into and forget all the troubles of the day. As for the throw, there are times when people just need a 15-minute rest. Having a throw makes it possible to enjoy a few minutes in a dark, cool, comfortable space without messing up the covers.
  9. Express yourself with artwork. Find some artwork that you like or draw some yourself. I prefer landscapes in a bedroom. They add color without the busyness of modern photos or paintings. Of course, that is up to you. There are some modern paintings that are quite peaceful. If it gives you that zen-like vibe you’re looking for, then go for it.A picture of home decor and artwork in Stacy Lyn Harris's restful bedroom, from her blog on How to Create a Restful Bedroom
  10. Drown out the chaos with white noise. Whether it be a oscillating fan or a noise machine, the key is to drown out the noise in adjoining rooms. I take my noise machine with me on every trip out of town. I use it while I’m awake and working at home and also while I’m sleeping. To me, it is one of the very best things invented. As Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a Good Thing.”
  11. Remove all clutter. It behooves you to remove anything that is not essential. You neither want nor need clutter. Everything should have a place, and everything should be in that place. Order creates the most beautiful surroundings and will ensure peaceful rest.

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