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21 Ways to Use Venison

Struggling to find the perfect recipe for your venison meat? Look no further! This list of 21 ways to use venison is sure to make your mouth water, with both classic and exotic recipes appropriate for all seasons and diets.

With a brand new deer-hunting season quickly approaching, I realize that now’s the perfect time to use up all of last season’s venison stockpiles. I know my poor freezer will thank me, but so will my family when they get to eat their favorite venison-based meals!

I have all kinds of foods on this list, from starters to stews to full-blown meals. You could eat venison for the rest of the year if you wanted! I know I could. I just love that earthy flavor and texture.

I have video instructions for some of these dishes, so I hope you guys like watching me cook! Please help yourself to any of these recipes, and if you end up enjoying one of them, let me know! I love it when you guys make my recipes and enjoy them with your family.

You can find most of these recipes and more in my Harvest Cookbook, so get yourself a copy! In that book, I share my personal food journey and talk about our family’s favorite recipes.

Now, on to the list!

21 Ways to Use Venison

southern twist on classic tikka masala with venison and turkey

Southern twist on Classic Tikka Masala with Venison and Turkey

Chili con carne made with venison and served with southern fried cornbread courtesy of Stacy Lyn Harris

asian inspired venison tacos

A diverse array of flavors and textures…aren’t they just beautiful?

Venison can be a tough cut of meat to work with. It’s totally fine to struggle with it when you first try cooking venison, but don’t give up! Check my article 10 Tips to Know When Preparing Venison. It’s full of the best tips and tricks around to help you cook with this wonderful meat!

Watch Me Cook Venison!


5 responses to “21 Ways to Use Venison”

  1. Allan says:

    Great timing on the post!

  2. Alvin Curry says:

    Are these recipes in there entirety available w/o having to select each one?

    • stacy says:

      They are on different pages. You can find them in my book all in one place, or at least in two books if you’d like that. Check out my shop for the books or Amazon. Hope you love the recipes.

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