Stacy Harris in Weston Products Catalog/Grinder Give Away


I wanted to give a shout out to Weston Products today. Seriously their meat grinder is a real treat. I was honored to be shown using their product on their  2014 Wild Game Catalog along with Steven Rinella, Hank Shaw, and Brad Lockwood. I have great admiration for all of these guys!

Stacy Harris in Weston Products Catalog
Stacy Harris in Weston Products Catalog

As I was perusing the catalog, I saw a ton of great products that I would love and wanted to share their link with you and some of the products I think would be extra useful. Besides the grinders, sausage stuffers, casings, and smokers, they have excellent slicers, dehydrators, and much much more.

Now for the GIVE AWAY part of the post!!! I am sure that is what you all have been waiting for. All you have to do to enter is click my Facebook page link, like my page and comment in the comment section of post.


I would love it if you would subscribe to my newsletter, but that is optional. If you like this give away comment in the comment section of this post and let me know so that I know to give more of these products away. If there is another product you would like to see me give away, let me know that too.

Although the catalog is reaching the wild game folks, it certainly crosses over to cooks in all genres like me and certainly to gardeners and people who love living as sustainable as possible. They even have canning kits and, PASTA MAKERS!!

You really need to check ALL of them out!! Here is the link!

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  1. Chris Thompson says:

    Any Weston product would be a great giveaway!!

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Absolutely! Their products are fantastic!!!

  2. That meat grinder looks great! I clicked the link to Weston’s and they sure have some amazing products! I would love to enter a giveaway for a slicer or a smoker!

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