Today, we took a break from homeschooling

I wanted to re-post this article in that today is the perfect day to take a break! It doesn’t snow much here in Alabama (I hope I have a fabulous snow photo to show you later), so we are having a “snow day!” I felt a little guilty about this, so I re-read my post and now I feel confident that I am using self-control (you’ll understand later in the post) and that I am doing something worthwhile! I hope you enjoy as you read and I hope you decide to “take a break today too!”

 Today, we took a break, and by break, I don’t mean simply sitting still for a few minutes while my brain runs 100 mph thinking of the endless to-do lists and laundry.

We stepped away from our daily grind of work, school, and chores. Taking a break is not the same as being lazy; it teaches valuable life lessons. Today’s society teaches us to constantly be pushing forward, always moving, but that’s what we get for living in the age of instant gratification. If we aren’t doing something at all times like texting on our IPhone’s, attending conference calls, answering emails the moment we receive them in our Inbox then we are shunned by the masses for our lack of initiative.

I tend to disagree. Being able to disconnect from our routine teaches us self-control, brings the tiny precious things of life into better perspective, and more importantly rejuvenates our minds and spirit.

Typically, our mornings, afternoons, and evenings for that matter, are filled with picking up puzzle pieces scattered across the living room floor, solving algebra fractions, learning shapes and colors, cleaning the never ending pile of dirty dishes and the list goes on.

 Today during our break, we chose to play a good ole game of kickball in the yard. There is nothing like a good ole game of kickball to get your blood pumping and the only acceptable reason for fresh grass stains on the your pant leg. Yes, we did go over our normal 15 minute break time but it was all in the name of fun!

It was a blessing to watch all 7 children work together; some coaching, some cheering and the others simply being silly. The dynamic mix of teamwork and positive compliments evoked an emotion, that as a mother, gave me a sense of pride and thanksgiving to be blessed with such an amazing family.  It’s this mom’s dream that when I’m 70 and my kids are 56,..,…,..,..,..,..,.., they will still want to be out in the yard playing a good ole game of kickball.

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  1. Diana West says:

    I completely agree with everything you said. Taking a break from technology is just plain good for the soul. Well written, and inspiring. Love, Diana

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Thanks Diana! I think that it helps to really keep things in perspective. It is very hard to take a break when your list is 2 miles long, but if you don’t you get burned out and not be any good to anyone. I personally can obsess about a little issue that really makes no difference, but having a little fun brings me back to reality.

  2. That’s awesome, Stacy! We all know that our kids grow up so fast- too fast! Hope y’all get your snow day. Xoxo

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Our kids grow up way too fast. I find myself wanting my 4 year old to stay 4. I love my babies!! All of them really are my babies; it’s crazy to look up to some of them.

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