Stacy’s Interview with Food Storage and Survival Expert Angela Paskett

Angela Paskett runs this really great blog called Food Storage and Survival. I was honored and excited to talk with her on her podcast. Listen in today to the podcast and here us discussing how to prepare wild game and produce from the garden and a little of my story as to how I got started living sustainable. Listen to last week’s podcast as well. That is the first part of our discussion. Don’t miss it.

Although Angela is a survival mom for sure and and expert in storing all things, her blog is full of family tips (she is a mother of 3), farming, preparedness of all kinds even down to fitness! One of my favorite parts of her blog is the “tips and tricks”. I learned that you can use a diaper for an ice pack as well as a hot pack!

Listen to the podcast and check out her site!

Be on the look out for my new Apple Butter (so good you can’t believe it)recipe, Beef French Style, Cookies using egg yolks (it sounds bad, but these will soon be your favorite cookies – I promise), and Muscadine Wine and Jelly! Which one would you like me to post first. Please comment! I would love to hear!!

I also want to talk about a solution I just found that is really working for brothers and sisters to get along. So fun!!

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  1. My vote is Apple Butter! Sounds delicious! Also, can’t wait to hear you solution for brothers and sisters to get along! That would be an answer to my prayers 😉

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Thanks! I was thinking about doing the brother and sister blog first in that I am in the middle of an experiment that happens to be working and want to share it!!! Apple Butter. believe it or not is next.

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