Best Fall Recipes for Dinner – a Roundup

These fall recipes for dinner are some of my favorites. They are super comforting, and I’m always wanting to get seconds!

I’ve updated this list to include some of my latest go-to recipes for easy, hearty lunches and dinners. These include my new favorite one-pot meal, baked spaghetti with cream cheese. And for the ultimate comfort food, you’ve got to try this meatleaf!

And what’s fall without a refreshing, crisp, bubbly cider? To mix things up, in this case, it’s not apple but fermented pear cider — also known as perry.

montage of fall recipes for dinner - collards and bean soup, turkey burger, meatballs, pioneer pumpkin pie

What’s for Dinner? Recipes with Fresh Fall Ingredients

Whatever the season, I like using fresh ingredients from the garden when I can. Here in the South, we grow fall greens like nobody’s business. In fact, with the mild winters, we usually can keep harvesting them well past fall.

Tip: If you’re thinking of growing your own winter greens, click here for fall planting dates.

Growing our own collards, mustard greens, turnips, kale, and the like is second nature to us, so using these greens in just about every meal is the norm–even breakfast! Packed with vitamins and fiber, fall greens make for some super healthy dinner recipes.

Fall Meals Should Be Hearty – and Easy

Along with fresh, fall lunches and dinners ought to be no fuss. Most of these recipes are quite easy with step-by-step instructions. For example, try these one skillet pork chops for extra easy cooking and cleanup. Another easy fall recipe is this no-bake pumpkin pie. Seriously, you can make pumpkin pie over a campfire just like the pioneers!

If you’re in the mood for soup and sandwiches, try this healthy chicken soup and a scrumptious turkey burger.

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