Memorial Day Recipes Roundup

Memorial Day is the most solemn American holiday: a day to remember and honor those who died in active military service.  To some people, it might seem a little weird to be offering up Memorial Day recipes. Yet this is a day when many of us gather together with family and friends.

My dad, a veteran, agrees with me that Memorial Day can also be a celebration of the freedoms that our fallen heroes died to defend. He lost many friends when he was a young soldier in the Vietnam War. I think he remembers them every day of his life. 

The timing of this holiday on the last Monday of May often means that we gather outdoors for a big meal. Despite the sober occasion, we all have to eat. 

Memorial Day recipes roundup

I’ve collected these favorite recipes to help make your holiday a good one, however you choose to observe it. Whether you are grilling outdoors or serving a big meal indoors, I’m certain you’ll find the perfect Memorial Day recipes for your gathering this year.

Memorial Day Recipes for Meat Dishes

For many, Memorial Day is a day for a big outdoor meal. From burgers to ribs to corn dogs, you'll definitely find something here for the meat lovers in your family. For the seafood lovers, try the catfish tacos, shrimp scampi, or crawfish boil.

Memorial Day Desserts

Each of these Memorial Day desserts is a tried-and-true winner.

Memorial Day Recipes for Sides

No collection of Memorial Day recipes is complete without sides! Try a light, fruity chopped salad, some tangy, delicious coleslaw, my grandmama's famous creamed corn, or a wild rice and butternut squash casserole. Pickled okra is also great with burgers!


Every summer gathering in the South requires some refreshing iced tea. Here are two favorite recipes.




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