Sixteen Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes

These easy, healthy dinner recipes are on the menu at the Harris household for the next month! We eat pretty healthy all year long, considering we eat fresh from the garden and our own preserved foods,. However, it’s especially necessary after all the Christmas meals and desserts.

I’m quite loving settling back into a schedule after the holidays and moving into a new year with new goals.  It’s so much easier to watch what I eat and feed my family, as well as keep to a good workout regimen, when I am on a schedule.

I can also plan out my meals more easily on a schedule. When life is crazy-hectic, it’s all too tempting to make a fattening dinner on the fly.

What I have found that works for me is high protein and clear vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and the like. I’ve given you some of my very favorites in these sixteen easy, healthy dinner recipes.

Stacy Lyn's favorite easy healthy dinner recipes, including salads and soups
These are my go-to recipes when I want to keep dinner simple, easy, and healthy.

Make It Quick

Most of these dinners take 30 minutes or less. From the quail lettuce wraps to the loaded turnip fries, you’ll find that they are all full of flavor and low on fat and/or carbs.

Make It Healthy

I’ve added hearty soups and salads filled with healthy ingredients to fill in the gap in between the chicken, fish, venison, and beef. As a bonus, I’ve included a few of my favorite side dishes that are flavorful and filling but don’t add many calories.

Make It Easy

Besides healthy, I sure need easy right now as I get back to my normal, scheduled, chaotic, fun life!

Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes

Bonus: Perfect Sides for Healthy Dinners

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    1. Thanks you so much!! I love easy and I love healthy, so many of these are my go-to recipes.

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