Stacy Lyn’s 5 Favorite Summer Canning Recipes

If you have a vegetable garden, you probably get an explosion of produce in the summer. What can you do with that bountiful harvest? You can leave gifts of tomatoes and squash on the porches of neighbors and friends…and you can learn how to preserve vegetables and fruit for later use. These canning recipes and tips will help.

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Canning, freezing, and preserving let you enjoy your harvest all year long.

Colorful jars of relish, jam, and salsa verde also make great gifts. 

Canning Recipes Don’t Have to Be Hard!

Many people avoid canning because they think it is hard to do. But canning is actually super easy.

For everything you need to know about canning, refer to my Canning 101 post. and don’t forget to visit my store and pick up your Preserving 101 Handbook. The post and books will give you all the basics as well as my best tips.

How to Preserve Vegetables and Fruit

I decided to gather my best canning recipes here for summer preserving.

General Tip: Fresh vegetables and fruit make the most flavorful preserves and canned products in the end. Whether you grow your own food or gather your bounty from the farmer’s market, pick the freshest available.

My 5 Favorite Summer Canning Recipes

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