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Stacy Lyn’s Thanksgiving Menus

Out of all the traditional holiday meals, Thanksgiving should be the most straightforward, at least in theory. You’ve got your turkey, maybe some glazed ham, your side dishes, and all the seasonal pies and desserts you can fit on your table.

Sometimes, though, I like to get a little imaginative with my Thanksgiving spread. One year, we went all-out on the venison and had a “Wild Game Thanksgiving,” while another year we had Thanksgiving with a Southern twist.

People always ask how I do Thanksgiving, and the truth is I don’t always know! I’m pretty indecisive, if you haven’t heard. But, just as a special treat for my readers, I took the time to design three Thanksgiving menus that I think you guys will just LOVE. You can scroll through them and download at your own convenience below.

I think these menus are elegant, simple, and feature EVERY kind of Thanksgiving dish you can imagine. There’s three menus, one for a Traditional Thanksgiving, one for a Southern Thanksgiving, and one for a Wild Thanksgiving. I know some of you have mouths that start watering at the mention of a Thanksgiving dinner with a wild game twist, so you better download and print yourself a copy! Let me know what you think and share with your friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

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