Soup Recipes Roundup – Hearty, Tasty Soups and Stews

Cold weather is here: what better time to try a new soup recipe?

Soup Recipes for All Seasons

Hunting season is coming to a close soon, so we are making the most of it while we can. It’s been a packed weekend of guests coming to hunt for dove and wild hogs, and I’ll say we all have stocked the freezer well! Now some warming soup or a hearty stew is just the thing.

soup recipes roundup

To me, the best thing about soups and stews is that they lend themselves to so many different combinations of spices. In preparing them, you can culinarily travel the whole continent or even the whole world.

This week I posted a my Persian Venison Stew recipe for folks looking for new ways to spice up venison.  It seemed like a great opportunity to round up my favorite soup and stew recipes for you all. I hope you’ll try all eight and let me know your favorite!

Can soup be a meal?

I recalled that my family has had this discussion numerous times through the years. I say a big “yes,” but the men and boys in my family yell a hearty “no.”
We compromised: they allowed that soup could be a meal under two conditions. It has to have bread with it, and it has to be so packed with meat that you could eat it with a fork! I know, who eats soup with a fork? But some of these soups and stews are hearty enough to fit the bill. 

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