Breakfast Recipes You Will Love

Photo of 5 beautiful breakfast dishes including rabbit and waffles, yogurt parfait, kale pastry, butter syrup pouring over an apple biscuit and more

Breakfast recipes are always a winner to me. All breakfast menus are comforting. For instance, I adore a big bowl of oatmeal with chopped fruits and nuts with a little heavy cream and maple syrup drizzled over the top. Or a big bowl of grits with bacon and eggs on the sides.
We eat breakfast for lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack around here. I’ll bet you do at your home, too.
Well, I noticed that many of my breakfast recipes are quite seasonal. I posted one of my favorites this week: Kale Pastry! It’s a quiche-like mixture of kale, sweet onions, and walnuts inside a puff pastry. It looks crazy impressive but is so simple to actually prepare. You can make it days ahead, too.

Many of these recipes are in my cookbook, Stacy Lyn’s Harvest Cookbook

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