How to Get It All Done

How to get it all done? How to achieve the impossible in the days God gives us? Those are endless questions for busy moms and dads. They certainly are for me. I’m in overdrive pretty much all the time. My to-do list is endless. But for me, the answers include more than just effective time management. They also are about prayer, gratitude, and rest.

It’s been a crazy-hectic spring in the Harris family. Not only did we have one MBA Graduate and two law school graduations, but we had an engagement and a grandbaby reveal! Graylyn now has her MBA, and Hampton and his fiancé Abbi have their law degrees and are bound for the Bar Exam in July. It’s hard to describe the sense of accomplishment and relief as they each pursue their own goals and dreams.

Stacy Lyn with Hampton and Abbi at their law school graduation

From Homeschooling to Grad School

I’ll back up a little bit. Those of you who follow this blog probably know that I have seven kids. Yep, I gave birth to every one of them. I have homeschooled them all since they were toddlers, too. On top of that, we grow, harvest, and hunt much of the food that we eat. In fact, these blog posts started out as a way to share the recipes I developed to use all the wild game that my husband Scott brings home.

Scrapbook photos of Stacy Lyn Harris children
Graylyn, Forrest, and Hampton in our first home in Montgomery.

Time Management for Busy Moms

I am not Superwoman. There have been moments in nearly every day that raising, feeding, and schooling seven children felt just plain impossible. When you’re a working mom, multitasking is the norm, and sometimes all the time management strategies in the world aren’t enough.

I set a schedule, keep a calendar planner handy on my desktop, and try to do meal planning and some meal prepping well ahead of time. On the one hand, I go old-school and use a paper planner. But I also use google calendar and set electronic reminders for myself. Effective time management strategies do make a big difference to help me keep up with important tasks. Goal-setting is essential because it helps keep me from procrastinating.

That said, productivity hacks are not enough. I also pray a lot and put things in God’s hands when I don’t know what to do. With God’s help, it has all worked out. Life is a gift.

Awesome Textbooks

The journey from homeschool to college graduation for my oldest son was a true test of faith for our family. My son Forrest went on to graduate from dental school. You know that grandbaby reveal I mentioned? He and his wife Becka are expecting their first child!

The last couple of decades of motherhood had plenty of moments of stress, chaos, and “how to get it all done” thoughts. Life is still crazy busy, but thankfulness is the overwhelming sensation I feel these days.

How to get it all done? Make sure to rest.

What God has taught me is: I can know what things to do in what order. All I have to do is listen! Attentiveness, flexibility, and learning from mistakes are part of the journey — along with those time management tricks, especially around the holidays.

Another important thing is to rest if that is what I need. Going full tilt all the time takes its toll. Self-care makes us better moms. Even a 15-minute nap or a short break can make a world of difference. I’m learning slowly but surely that nap times are just as useful as any other task I do. Rest heals your body and your mind and helps prevent burnout. Did God really need to rest on the seventh day, or was He creating rest and showing us its importance?

I believe everyone in the entire family needs a peaceful space away from the hustle, for eight hours of sleep and a minute break here and there. Here are my essential tips on how to create a restful bedroom.

A picture of home decor and artwork in Stacy Lyn Harris's restful bedroom, from her blog on How to Create a Restful Bedroom
It is so important to create a restful bedroom.

So my advice to busy moms on how to get it all done is: set priorities and just keep going. You don’t have to get it all done in one day. That is truly impossible. Sometimes errands, dishes, and that full laundry basket have to wait. There will be plenty of time (maybe) for all that tomorrow. Set boundaries on your precious time. Focus on the important things that create a lot of joy, like smiling at your kids and reading them one more story. Sometimes, spending time with family is more important than getting things done. And don’t forget to rest!

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