A Mom’s Advice, Passed Down from My Mom to You

This is a personal Mother’s Day letter to all you moms out there. By moms, I mean both those with your own children and those who help in the parenting of other’s kids. I’m speaking from the heart, as if you are sitting right here with me. I’d like to share some advice as a mom of 7 kids, based on my own mom’s advice to me long ago.

First, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Happy Mother’s Day!

Stacy Lyn Harris standing with her mom in celebration of Mother's Day and mom's advice
Me with my mom, who still gives me invaluable advice!

A Mom’s Extra Challenge: Be Positive

The demands on a young mom are enormous and are very rarely talked about. The thing is NO ONE else can do your job. No matter if you are a homeschool mom or a coach to your kids, your number one role is that of Mom. So I know you have a lot on your shoulders already. But for what it’s worth, here is my mom-to-mom advice.

Scrapbook photos of Stacy Lyn Harris's children when they were young - Stacy as a young mom
Hampton, my second baby. Being a young mom is such a rewarding but demanding job.

With all the negativity in the world, your kids need to see you smile at them daily, enjoying them daily … just for being themselves. Positivity has to become a habit, a mindful action for us parents, especially because sometimes it’s so hard.

After an exhausting day, that extra effort can feel quite overwhelming, I know. But please know there are people like me praying for you to have that extra bit of strength to give one more smile and read one more chapter after you’ve washed that load of clothes.

Some days, being a mom reminds me of Hacksaw Ridge. If you have ever seen the movie, you know the hero continued to save the wounded soldiers of his platoon by praying, “Help me save just one more.” In parenting, that “one more” bedtime story or smile turns into a life of mutual trust. You may not know it now, but you will as your kids get older.

Stacy Lyn Harris homeschooling her children
Homeschooling my children.

Your Kids Will Always Need a Mom’s Advice

I’m starting to see the “other side” of motherhood, so I’m offering mom’s advice from that point of view. My youngest is 12, and I am only homeschooling 2 of our 7 kids now. You would think my job would be almost over, but I perceive it is only just beginning.

My own mom’s advice to me when the kids were little was exactly this: she would say, “your job is just beginning.” Not only would they need bigger shoes, but they would need help with bigger challenges.

When they were all young, I couldn’t believe it could get more intense. But wow, my mom was right: they need you even more when they are older.

Hampton bringing in a big one!

I don’t know how I couldn’t see this before. Even now, I need my mom all the time, if only to run an idea by her. Just running things past her gives me strength. Thankfully, she is a smart lady, and I quite value her advice. Although I’m an only child, I have always kept her plenty busy. I still keep her on her toes!

Because I still need my mom full-time (which has made her an expert), I expect all of mine to need me into adulthood, too. A mom’s advice is just as valuable when we are grown.

Helping 7 kids with decisions during some weeks is utter chaos, but I would not change a thing. I am humbled each time my direction and advice help them on their journey. Knowing we are all ultimately in God’s hands, I also am on my knees often praying for my kids’ direction in life.

Motherhood Is for Always – But You’ve Got This!

The idea of being needed as a mom forever shouldn’t discourage you young moms out there. You will grow in wisdom through the years by making your own decisions, and your children will learn from your wise and prayerful advice. They then will do the same for their kids.

You may not feel ready for a lifetime of motherhood, but you will be. They are your kids, and you will know exactly what they need. It’s kind of strange that way.

Harris family together on a dove shoot.

Just know this. If you spend your hours mothering, it is never wasted. There is no greater service to your Lord, country, community, or family than being the best mom you can be.

Before I had kids, I was preparing myself for them by reading every baby and parenting book I could get my hands on. To me, that was like bootcamp. Once you have kids, though, you are in the war. You must be a good soldier each day and do the next right thing as you go throughout the day.

Most of my kids are still home, so I don’t know exactly how to liken the next chapter, but I am content that it will be wonderful.

What a journey. What a life. There is nothing like it, and I wouldn’t replace it for anything in the world. There is no place that I can make a bigger difference that being my kid’s mom. The same goes for you! Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Wonderful, wise words! Thank you! I’m on that other side now and the challenges are still there only way different!

    1. We are moms as long as we have children! I am seeing that more and more each day! Thanks for commenting.

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