Mother’s Day Story: A Special Gift

I wrote down a Mother’s Day story about my daughter and me a few years ago in a newsletter. Today, a few days before Mother’s Day, I rediscovered it. I thought you might enjoy this story of one of the great treasures of being a mom.

Stacy Lyn Harris family portrait with children, husband
Here is our family all gathered together for one of my daughter’s graduations.

Celebrating All the Moms

I know some of you will be missing your moms this Mother’s Day, which makes this holiday a bittersweet day. I’m thinking of you along with those who will be celebrating with their moms and children.

Some of you may have motherhood still in your future. Others may be running tirelessly after toddlers all day. Still others may be watching as those once-toddlers embark on their own grownup adventures, including marriage and children.

Mother's Day portrait of three generations of women and girls in Stacy Lyn's family
For Mother’s Day, we gathered three generations of women and girls in my family!

Whether you have kids of your own or not, I believe most women are a “mom” to someone in their life. Maybe you helped care for a younger sibling, or maybe you are a teacher who helps raise up the next generation with education.

Whatever your Mother’s Day story, I celebrate you. I hope your day is delightful and hope you feel appreciated for all that you do.

Across Generations and Back

My Mother’s Day story is about a special gift that my 16-year-old daughter Mary, my third-youngest child, gave me without even knowing it. After spending the day at my mom’s house, she and I were driving home together, and we started talking about life’s purpose. Yep, the big question!

Stacy Lyn standing with her arm around daughter - Mother's Day portrait
Stacy Lyn and Mary

I believe motherhood is my noblest purpose in this life. To me, if I raise kids that walk with God and fulfill their God-given purpose on this earth, I have done my job.

In the car I expressed that thought to Mary. Then I shared my desire for her and her siblings to see miracles and to live out the adventures they are meant to live.

We started talking about Mary’s journals and what they have shown her. I have made each of my kids write daily in their journals from the time they could draw. Mary has been reading her journals to the two younger kids at night as they fall asleep, and they’ve really gotten a kick out of it.

Mary's Journal
Mary’s Journal

One Journal, Many Stories

Interestingly, as we talked, I realized that Mary’s journal also contained my journey as I embarked on my accidental career as a writer, blogger, and speaker. Yes, my Mother’s Day story is about seeing how it’s all connected.

candid shot of Harris girls
Mary took this candid shot of me with the girls in our family.

As she read to the kids, Mary noticed a pattern of us praying for something as a family and then seeing things unfold before our eyes, impossible things. One of those unfolding stories was me realizing my dream of bringing my recipes, homesteading advice, and reflections to a large audience.

So here is what I realized: living out the adventure that I am meant to live — no matter how tiring it is sometimes — is part of being a mom. In fact, my adventures help give my kids the courage to live theirs. When I take a risk, I encourage them to go big, think big, and believe big.

The Moral of This Mother’s Day Story Is…

So what do I take away from this Mother’s Day story? Mothers and other caregivers, remember to make time for your own dreams and adventures. If you have been thinking about something you’ve been wanting to do in life, quit waiting. Do it. Now is the time.

Enjoy your family, live your dreams before them, and bless others with your gifts and talents.

Stacy Lyn Harris's family gathered on back of tractor in barn

Have a wonderful week. Comment below to share what you have decided to take the risk and do!

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  1. Shelleyanne Williams says:

    Last month I bought a plaque that said: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Jump in! You’ll regret it if you don’t. I know. I regret not jumping into things I see now (and I hurt sooo much,) would have made me happy AND fulfilled God’s purpose for me. Now I’m 73. I pray he gives me another chance. Thank you for your story, Stacy lyn. God bless you and your beautiful family as you all bless others.

    1. I’m so happy for your comment. God is so good! I pray he will redeem the time for you and that you will always be perfectly in the will of God, know it, and be fulfilled!

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