Prepping for a Sustainable Spring

Spring always brings much anticipated work for those attempting to live the sustainable lifestyle. There is nothing as a family that we anticipate more than the arrival of spring. We meticulously plan for it during the winter months.

This week exemplifies the busyness of the first weeks of spring. Thankfully we waited to plant our garden a little later than usual, but it certainly made for an extraordinarily busy week. The weather has been much cooler this year and many gardeners are reaping the results with stunted plants.  We transplanted the plants that we started indoors from seed along with the plants so graciously provided by Bonnie Plants.

Planting Bonnie Plants in "Buff"
Planting Bonnie Plants in “Buff”

In addition to our own gardens, we are planting “gardens” for the wildlife to eat from.  We planted a ton (not literally) of sweet potatoes (also from Bonnie Plants), among other natural vegetation that deer and people love to munch on.

Planting Sweet Potatoes
Planting Sweet Potatoes

The deer not only benefit with better nutrition, comfort, and health throughout the summer months, they will in turn benefit our bodies in the winter months (excellent meat for the table).

Milly After Nap Riding on Tractor
Milly After Nap Riding on Tractor

As if we did not do enough with all of our planting, we were finally able to give our bees their final abode in the bee hives. It has been a rainy spring here in Alabama in addition to being more cool than usual.  We had planned on several occasions to put our new bees in their hives. The bees were relatively calm, and we all made it without getting any bee bites at that!

Stacy "Keeping Bees"
Stacy “Keeping Bees”

To top off the week, we received our buffs from Buff Inc.  Ever since we have received a sponsorship from Buff, the kids have been planning, making a wish list, thinking of different uses for the Buffs, and anticipating their arrival.  Upon receiving the Buffs in the mail, you would have thought we were having Christmas in May!  By the way, I love Buffs and want the world to love them too. I will be doing a Buff giveaway on my Facebook page.

Christmas in May
Christmas in May

As all my fellow sustainable folks know, this is just the beginning of Spring.  We are just revving up for harvesting, canning, drying, freezing, and on and on I could go.

Happy planting, harvesting, and cooking!

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