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Hunting Season Begins

I am trying to clean out my freezer to make more room for the venison I hope that my boys will bring home as hunting season begins in Alabama tomorrow!!!!  I have an excited crew. We just ate the best venison fajitas ever and I have left over meat for the week. I rarely have any leftovers, but I have tons to do this week and needed at least one day of meals to be taken care of.  I cooked 8 hindquarter roasts in the most versatile way that I could think of.  I split the roasts in half (making sure to get all the silver out) and seasoned with with salt, pepper,  and chili seasonings. ( I split it in half to get more surface area on the meat for better taste)  I then got my skillets (4 of them to be exact) sizzling hot and browned them for about 2 minutes on each side.  I let them rest on a cooling rack and proceeded to cut the meat into thin slices for my fajitas tonight and my open face sandwiches tomorrow.  I may can squeeze one more snack of Indonesian Venison with Peanut Sauce.  What great meals to start the week.

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