Hunting for Self Sustainability

Hunting for self sustainability is nothing new.  Obtaining food for the table has always been our family’s primary reason for hunting.  The first settlements in the new world would not have survived without the precious protein harvested by the hunters and fishermen.

Though society has progressed and there may not be the need for most people to live self sustainable lives, many people continue to enjoy this lifestyle along with added financial benefits.  Many families today continue to fill their freezers  with fresh venison, duck, turkey, fish, and pheasant from year to year merely for the health and taste benefits.

Scott and I have been living solely on the meat that he has harvested for almost 18 years.  This wasn’t intentional, but I am thankful now, knowing the health benefits of eating fresh, hormone free, and antibiotic free foods.  These wild animals have not been genetically altered in any way and that brings me much comfort as I feed my family!  With the progression of man trying to provide faster, bigger, and more organized ways of harvesting meat, we have lost the health benefits of eating straight from the wild.  God’s food in its natural state is perfect for our nutritional needs.  Why should we mess with that?  

Amazingly, man has the intelligence to genetically modify chickens for bigger breasts, and to create larger beef faster by injecting hormones into the beef.  Though these man-made creations are efficient, they are certainly not natural or healthy and can be quite expensive.

Lately, everyone wants to eat local and support local farmer’s markets.  Hunting has always been a part of the “locavore” concept.  I believe that the trend for the future is to go back to the past way of living life.  Intuitively, we know that fresh, natural foods are the best foods.

People that have never hunted or thought about hunting are beginning to harvest their own meat.   Wild game is one of the healthiest sustainable foods available to man.  It is incredibly satisfying to sit down at the table and know that my family is dining solely on the fresh vegetables and herbs harvested and preserved throughout the summer paired with the fresh game that was harvested during a family hunt.  There is truly no better way to live!

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  1. My family has eaten wild game of every category for generations and especially when it was all they had many decades ago. I continue to change my friends mind about the thought of eating wild game, deer, rabbit, turkey wild hogs and so on, with the many great recipes handed down by my Grandmother and new ones from sites like this. So many have expressed their dislike of duck and other wild meat until they ate it prepared correctly. After having enjoyed it at my table, most have requested more during every visit thereafter. I love your recipes and have added my personal touch to many of them. Most non Hunters just do not know what they are really missing out on. Thanks for your recipes and stories.

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      I think many people will begin to live this way again in the near future. People are beginning to take their health into their own hands and this is by far the healthiest way to live. I am glad to hear that others share my passion for eating from the wild! Thanks for commenting.

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