Top 20 Most Popular Posts of 2023

Here they are: the most popular posts of 2023. Each January, the top 20 most popular from the previous year always include some surprises for me. I hope you’ll find at least a few here that you’ve missed and want to check out! Whether you are looking for dinner ideas or gardening how-tos, you are sure to find something in the list below.

Stacy Lyn's 20 most popular posts of 2023

Each year, the most popular posts include perennial favorites like Grandmama’s Chocolate Meringue Pie (who doesn’t love chocolate pie?) and for the wildgame hunters, Ten Tips to Know When Preparing Venison. They also typically include holiday favorites like Oyster Dressing and Hoppin’ John. By the way, black-eyed peas aren’t just for New Year’s: they are a tasty nutritional powerhouse, so do add them to your meals throughout the year.

The favorites are all here. However, this year’s most visited posts are also a wide mix of recipes and tips across several categories of my website. I’m glad to know that folks have enjoyed these posts and found them helpful. Thanks for making them popular!

I hope you’ll browse this list and choose some new recipes to make and new skills to master in 2024. For example, have you ever wondered how to keep ferns healthy and green? Is this the year you’ll make your own cornbread from scratch? Or maybe you’re a deer hunter who needs tips on making your own venison sausage. It’s all right here in the top 20, along with squash relish and a no-bake pineapple pie.

Top 20 Most Popular Posts of 2023

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