St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

Growing up, I never really celebrated the food Irish people eat on St. Patrick’s Day, but I did always wear green so that no one would pinch me!

Really, I should have taken the time to note the food. Irish dishes have quite a lot to offer. Here I’m sharing some St. Patrick’s Day favorites with a twist. Whether you’re looking for green food or some new takes on traditional Irish fare, you’ll find great options here.

Montage of St. Patrick's Day meal: shepherd's pie, green vegetables, green cake
Some of these St. Patrick’s Day dishes are a festive green. Others are traditional Irish fare with a twist.

From the lamb, corned beef, and pot pies to the potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and other green delicacies, you just can’t get more comforting food than that!

Pot Pies have seemed to make a comeback lately in America; I think they never had to comeback in Ireland, since they have always been prized – as they should be.

Of course, when we talk about the Irish, we can’t leave out the sauerkraut. I absolutely love sauerkraut just about on everything. It’s perfect with hot dogs, over peas, or on the side of ham. If you ferment it yourself, you get the benefit of probiotics too!

Now, I don’t think Key Lime Cake is a tradition for St. Patrick’s Day, but it should be. I hope to bring it in vogue! It’s beautiful, delicious, and GREEN!

Because of the food and the fun, I plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day every year from now on!

St. Patrick's Day Favorites

Happy St. Patrick's Day! These ideas for your meal feature some traditional favorites with a twist--and of course, green veggies and dessert.

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