10 Best Potato and Sweet Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes: the Perfect Fall Comfort Foods

Nothing says comfort to me more than potato dishes. In this week after the whirlwind of my son’s wedding, I’m savoring every kind of potato recipe, from this creamy sweet potato soup to French fries and horseradish-Dijon mashed potatoes with caramelized onions. For that matter, why not whip up a creamy sweet potato pie?

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Harvest Time for Taters

Coincidentally, I’m craving potatoes just about the time they are ready to harvest. One cool thing about these tubers is you’ll always know when they are ready to harvest by watching the vine. When it dies, the potatoes will stop growing, but you’ll need to leave them in the ground for about 2 more weeks to develop the skin for good storage.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes can last several months if cured and stored properly. Here are some tips on keeping potatoes fresh as long as possible.

Small Sweet Potatoes in yard

Additionally, the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes improves with proper curing. To cure sweet potatoes, store them at around 85 degrees for 10 days.  I’ve found that my back porch in Alabama makes a great curing location during harvest season.  After the curing process, move the sweet potatoes to a storage place such as a basement or root cellar kept between 55 and 60 degrees.

Recipes to Bring Out the Best in Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Well, back to the issue at hand – flavorful potatoes. I’ve been enjoying these potato wedges almost daily for the past few weeks. They are a great conduit for different sauces such as creamy comeback sauce and blue cheese dressing. These baked sweet potato fries pair so perfectly with chipotle dipping sauce that I’ve included the sauce with the recipe.

Along with my best potato sides and a soup, I’ve included a bonus southern-style sweet potato dessert.

I hope you’ll give a few of these recipes a try this week! I feel sure you’ll be glad you did. 

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