Coconut Cream Pie

I have a lot of eggs and milk that I need to use up today, so coconut cream pie is on the menu! Of all my pie recipes, this is one of my favorites next to Chocolate Cream Pie. It’s a luscious coconut custard pie with whipped cream.

Coconut pie topped with whipped cream
Coconut Cream Pie and a glass of milk. I just love this Southern classic!

The great thing is that if you can make one, you can make both along with many other desserts, including banana pudding.

Cream pies all feature a custard base. Traditionally, custards are made with only cream and eggs. In that way, this is really the perfect farmhouse recipe – if you’re keeping chickens and cows, then you probably have a steady supply of the primary ingredients.

Before we get to the full recipe below, let’s tackle the custard base of this coconut cream pie.

As I’ve said, if you can get the base of this pie down, then it just enables you to make so many other dessert recipes along with it!

Making the Custard Base

To start on the custard base, whisk together your egg yolks with milk. At the same time, you’ll be preparing a sugar and cornstarch mixture in a stockpot.

Once you’ve got that egg and milk mixture whisked together all nice and smooth, slowly add it into the stockpot with the sugar and cornstarch.

Continually whisk over medium high heat for about 8 minutes or until it begins to thicken.

Since I added cornstarch to the eggs and milk, I am actually making a pastry cream. Anytime you thicken with flour or cornstarch, it becomes a pastry cream.

You technically don’t have to add the cornstarch to this recipe, but it’s an extra step I usually take to ensure my pie will set, plus the starch prevents my eggs from curdling.

I don’t add it when I am making a quiche or savory custard tart with meat or vegetables in it (those recipes also use this same custard base).

Just about every culture features a staple custard recipe.

Custard pies were very popular in the Middle Ages and were served in crusts, just like the one I plan to use to serve this pie.

Click here for my no-fail homemade pie crust recipe.

Okay, now that it is thick to my liking, I’m going to add the butter with a pinch of salt and vanilla. The butter will give your coconut cream pie a nice silky, shiny texture. Add the butter one tablespoon at a time, making sure each one melts before adding the next.

Making the Coconut Cream Filling

Next, add the coconut. This is a coconut cream pie recipe, after all, and the creamy coconut filling is undoubtedly the star. Note that this recipe uses sweetened flaked instead of sweetened shredded coconut. The flakes are thicker and wider than the shreds and so will give you a richer coconut flavor.

Transfer the custard to a bowl and place plastic wrap over it, making sure it touches the custard so that a film doesn’t form on the top.

Place it in the refrigerator until it’s completely cool.

Once it’s chilled, I can pour it into my pie shell. When you’re ready to serve, cover it in homemade whipped cream and sprinkle coconut over the top.

I like to double this recipe for the custard base.

You can use the extra to make a chocolate pie or banana cream pie from the same recipe.

At the step you would put the coconut into the custard, you could put melted chocolate or add banana flavoring and place over vanilla wafers with sliced bananas.

If you want to go light, you could substitute Cool Whip or other ready-made whipped topping for the whipped cream.

There you go! One method of preparation for 3 different recipes. I hope you’re ready for some pies!

Can coconut cream pie be frozen? 

Yes, carefully! If you want to freeze portions, first let the pie cool completely. Then wrap each portion tightly in plastic wrap. The airtight wrapping will prevent freezer burn. Add a layer of aluminum foil wrapping for extra protection. Rest pie on a flat surface in the freezer, without anything on top of it. The pie will stay good in the freezer for about 2 months.

Coconut cream pie topped with whipped cream
One last tip. You can top this coconut cream pie with meringue if you like. Make it nice and fancy! Follow the directions for meringue in my Chocolate Meringue Pie recipe.
Coconut pie topped with whipped cream

Coconut Cream Pie

This is one of my favorite pies. If you get the custard base of this coconut cream pie down, you can use it for many other custard desserts, including banana pudding.
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 8
Calories 694 kcal


For the Coconut Cream Pie

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup cornstarch
  • 3 cups milk
  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1 pinch kosher salt
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 2 cups sweetened flaked coconut divided
  • 1 prepared pie crust (flour or graham cracker crust)
  • whipped cream (see instructions below)

For the Whipped Cream

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 6 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


For the Coconut Cream Pie

  • In a medium-size heavy saucepan, whisk together sugar and cornstarch. In a large bowl, whisk milk and egg yolks. Begin to slowly whisk milk and egg mixture into the saucepan with the dry ingredients. Bring mixture almost to a boil (medium heat) and whisk continuously until thickened, about 8 minutes. Remove from heat.
  • Add butter, one tablespoon at a time, allowing each one to melt completely before adding the next, while continually stirring. Add the extract, salt, and 1 3/4 cups coconut, until combined. Save the rest of the coconut to sprinkle on top. Pour custard into baked pie shell. Cover with plastic wrap, making sure the wrap is touching the custard, and cool on a wire rack for about 30 minutes. Place in the refrigerator until set.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. On a sheet pan, place the remaining coconut and bake for 5 to 6 minutes or until the coconut is lightly toasted. Turn pan and stir once during the cooking cycle.
  • Remove pie from refrigerator and spread whipped cream all over the pie. Sprinkle with toasted coconut.

For the Whipped Cream

  • In a stand mixer or electric mixer, whip cream at a high speed until it's foamy with stiff peaks and has increased in volume. Add vanilla and then slowly add sugar until soft peaks form.


Courtesy of Game and Garden.


Calories: 694kcalCarbohydrates: 64gProtein: 8gFat: 46gSaturated Fat: 28gCholesterol: 203mgSodium: 287mgPotassium: 272mgFiber: 3gSugar: 44gVitamin A: 1382IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 162mgIron: 1mg
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    1. Thank you so much Julie! I adore this recipe. It’s easy and always a winner.

  1. Susan Hatcher says:

    This looks yummy. Glad I found your site. I love coconut cream pie so will definitely try this. I do have a question on the amount of salt though. In the video you just say a pinch. The written recipe says a tablespoon??? A tablespoon seems like too much to me. Thanks for recipe. Will check out more of your blog.

    1. Thanks Susan. I changed the recipe to read “pinch.” Originally, I meant 1 teaspoon. I hope you make the pie! I think you will love it.

  2. Sunshine Meredith says:

    Love this!! Jus made it and oh so good!!thank you so much for this recipe!

    1. Sunshine, You are welcome! I’m so glad it worked out!

  3. Lynda Patsalos says:

    Oh my goodness!! I made this coconut cream pie for Easter, yesterday.. it is sooooo good. I followed the recipe exactly. Looked beautiful and tasted delicious .This recipe is deff a keeper.

    1. Lynda, I’m thrilled that it was great for you. I do love this recipe. I’m working on a few other pie recipes right this minute that I think you are going to love. I can’t wait to share the. Thanks so much for letting me know!

  4. Pie was delish but 4 lg egg whites did not yield the tall fluffy meringue that was pictured with recipe -disappointed in presentation!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It has worked for me, but often I do use more than 4 egg whites to make a really big meringue. If the weather is humid (which Often it is in Alabama), I have to use more. They will shrink on humid days.

  5. Confused, is the topping whipped cream or egg white meringue?
    Recipe doesn’t mention browning after topping is added, picture appears browned.

    1. Hi Colleen!! Thanks so much for asking. I can certainly see why that is confusing. I am changing the photo that is in the print recipe box to the one with the whipped cream topping. You can make it both ways, so I posted the picture of the meringue in the post and link to the meringue recipe on my chocolate meringue pie, BUT I need to change the other photo out!! Thank you so very much!! Hope you enjoy the pie. It’s one of my family’s favorites.

  6. NANCY bOYD says:

    Plan to try the Coconut Cream pie recipe but I would also like the recipe for Chocolate Cream pie (my very favorite).

  7. Paul Kelley says:

    So easy and tasty

  8. The filling tastes like Grandma’s!

  9. Great pie! And great egg custard base! Your egg custard base is perfect for homemade banana pudding egg custard and chocolate pie.

    1. Thanks!! I use it for all the pies you mentioned! It’s so versatile.

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