Christmas Baking: a Family Tradition

Christmas baking is a treasured tradition in our family. I’ve loved every year of baking cookies for Santa with my kids — including some savory treats, just in case Santa’s cutting the carbs this year. (I can relate!)

Christmas baking - A plate of cookies for Santa with Santa's arm in red costume and white gloves, reaching for cookies
Cookies for Santa is a Christmas baking tradition dating back at least a century. If your kids make the cookies themselves, even better!

As the kids get older, they take over the baking more and more. In fact, my 13-year-old daughter Milly is the best baker in the family now! Can you believe that?

Crisp Thin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Having fun in the kitchen with your kids is one of life’s gifts! These memories will be lasting for a lifetime.

I’m starting to look ahead to days when I’ll get to bake cookies and pies with the next generation — with whatever grandkids happen to come my way. Meanwhile, the tradition of Christmas baking is alive and well in the Harris household. This year, we’re focusing on my top 5 no-fail Christmas baking recipes:

But in case you’re looking for something else — like a simple, foolproof sugar cookie recipe — here is a roundup of my best Christmas baking recipes, for Santa and for you. I hope one or two of these recipes will start a new holiday tradition in your family!

Christmas Cookies and Other Holiday Desserts

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