Turkey Season 2013

Turkey season 2013 was a little strange this year.  We have land in Verbena, Alabama and in Grady, Alabama.  Verbena is at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Grady is flat land in south Alabama. The deer seem to behave quite differently in each location.

Scott and Howlett After the Hunt 2013
Scott and Howlett After the Hunt 2013

The land in Verbena is usually plentiful with turkeys for the choosing.  This year they were a little more hidden and did not respond to calls.  This was exceptionally frustrating to the boys (especially those that love to use their calls).  There seemed to be a lot more hens than in previous years and the gobblers were few. Toward the end of the season, the men began to ruffle the leaves as if they were a turkey and believe it or not, the gobbler’s loved it.


Boys Around a Beauty 2013
Boys Around a Beauty 2013

Scott had been attempting to get one particular gobbler the entire season. It seemed impossible.  He was as skittish as a cat.  He was always hanging out with the hens.  You could always see him, but he was never in the right position to get.

The last hunt of turkey season was one lucky hunt for Scott and one very unlucky day for that huge gobbler.  He called that gobbler up with a few scratches to the ground.  Once the turkey responded by pitching a drumming.  Twenty minutes of drumming between the turkey and Scott, that turkey finally stepped into range.  It was just what the doctor order (no pun intended, Scott is a dentist).

Victory for Scott
Victory for Scott 2013

In Grady, there were so  many hens that the hens would show up before the gobblers.  There seemed to be 30 hens and jakes to every one longbeard.  We believe that the reason for the enormous hen population is due to the predator killing we did the previous year on our land.  Keeping the predator population down is of utmost importance to the population of the wild life on your land.

Keeping predetor Population Down 2013
Keeping Predetor Population Down 2013

I hope you had a great 2013 year of Turkey Hunting. Please feel free to share your stories in the comment section.

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