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Thankfulness Pours Over from the Most Unlikely Things

My sweet dog Moose!! He will be greatly missed. I thank God for the time we had with him.

My sweet dog Moose!! He will be greatly missed. I thank God for the time we had with him.

Our dog, Moose, of 13 years passed away day before yesterday. Life has been moving so fast with my tending to the 7 kids and my husband that I have felt the pain of the loss, but haven’t had enough time to really deal with it. It has been evident during the time in which I should be sleeping.

Oftentimes when I have something on my mind, I don’t notice it until the early hours of the morning after I awaken from a short…usually very short slumber. The magic time is about 1:00am. Interestingly enough, I found that thankfulness has begun to replace sadness in this situation.

Not that I won’t miss Moose and not that I haven’t been a bit preoccupied with his dying, but I still have my family in good health and we love each other. I am thankful that I have the energy to help each of the kids with their own type of grief, still keep the house going, still rejoice in the morning. I am thankful that I wake up with my husband next to me in a comfortable house.

The amazing thing to me about death (which shouldn’t be amazing at all) is that life goes on. That seems pretty harsh. It seems that everything should stop and let you have time to grieve. Well, it isn’t that way, but I can be thankful for that too. Maybe that wouldn’t be so healthy after all.

I will miss my sweet Moose! He was always wagging his tail and loving watching us garden and even take the trash out. What fantastic memories. Thank you Moose for loving my kids and our family!!!

Thankfulness is a great thing!

12 responses to “Thankfulness Pours Over from the Most Unlikely Things”

  1. Dian says:

    Beautifully said

  2. Jody Dake says:

    So sorry for your loss Stacy. I remember losing our dogs as a child and it is difficult, but yes, life goes on. You are a wise woman, and your family is blessed because of it.

    Always Experiencing Him,

    • Stacy Harris says:

      Thanks Jody! I appreciate your sympathy. It is hard to go outside to the garden where he always greeted us, but life is still good. We will miss him. I need to drop by your blog!

  3. Nancy Jo Adams says:

    So sorry for your loss. Those fur critters can steal your heart and they truly become family.

    Ironically, my “clarity moment” is 2:00 am. Sometimes, I go ahead and get up, do some research and writing during that time and I usually get sleepy again after an hour and I can go right back to sleep. That happens about twice a week for me.

    Prayers sent for your family.

    • stacy says:

      Thanks for your prayers. I used to get up quite a bit at night for clarity. I haven’t done that in a while. It would be nice to hear the quietness in my home. It’s quite loud most of the time with all the kids. I love it though!

  4. Terry says:

    So very sorry. I’m glad you are concentrating on the wonderful memories. We have a dog, looks just like Moose. The unconditional love and companionship they offer is priceless. And you are so right…life does go on. Hard to swallow sometime because we don’t see how it can. One day at a time..

  5. Tom Saxer says:

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    I just got this post in todays emails, but saw in the comments that Moose must have left over 2 years ago. No matter, that empty spot is still with you I’m sure. We lost Max, our 13 1/2 year old Springer on Sept. 27th, 2016. He was with me 24/7 EVERY day unless we were away on vacation. Our lab and border collie were cremated but we wanted Max’s body close so I buried him at the wood line below two big boulders and chiseled his name in above him. After I dug the hole, deep, I carried him down from the car and laid him next to the hole. I put in the cover from his bed, which was always next to ours, in the hole to place him on and cover him with. Then it happened….I couldn’t pick him up and put him away, forever. I just laid next to him and cried for I don’t know how long. Retired Cop’s aren’t suppose to cry but this one did, for I don’t know how long. Finally I was able to pick him up and lay him down and cover him. I placed some flag stone over his grave so none of the “critters” and eagles could get to him. To this day, I stand on our upper deck and look down and we talk. Ya, I know, probable dumb, but it’s our time together again. It’s important to me. So that’s my story, for whatever it’s worth. Thank you for yours and please keep up the good work.


    • stacy says:

      Tom, I love that you have such a kind heart. It’s good to know that our police have such loyalty, love, compassion, and kindness. When you’ve been through life (the good and bad) with a dog, they do become family. You hold them when you’ve had a bad day. They are there when awesome things happen. They become part of you! I love your story and thank you so much for sharing it!!

  6. Allan says:

    So Sorry to read about your loss. I often wonder about our 13 year old pet and realize when the time comes there’s not much we will be able to do but to go on, at least we’ll have the memories. It’s always good to reflect on what we have and it sounds like you are have a ton to be thankful.

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