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My Home Sweet Home


Home where life is real, where dreams begin, where creativity is sparked, and industry takes place.

I’ve been wanting to write this “My Home Sweet Home” series for quite some time now. I’ve been asking myself for the past few days, “What has taken you so long to start this series?” If I’m honest, I’ve felt overwhelmed with the thought that I could not do the subject justice.

It’s a solace, shelter from the storms of life, and the most comfortable place on earth.

Home is the most special place in this world to me. Home is where life is real, where dreams begin, where creativity is sparked, and industry takes place. It’s a solace, shelter from the storms of life, and the most comfortable place on earth.

Home is a retreat to raise children, a place of hospitality for friends, family and even strangers.Home is a place of celebration and sometimes a place of healing. Home is intimate and necessitates thought.

Home is a place of celebration!

Home is a canvas for creativity, a place to lay down roots, to display treasures from a lifetime of experiences.

Home is where dreams begin, where creativity is sparked, and industry takes place.I believe we are all made in the image of The Creator and we have the privilege and responsibility to create. What better place than the home?

Home conveys who you are. Upon entering a home, you can pretty well tell what the people in it like to do, their priorities, beliefs, and even their purpose in life. It can be quite vulnerable.

A place of celebration and sometimes a place of healing. It’s intimate and necessitates thought.

I’m prepared to get vulnerable before you! I’ll be inviting you into my home, room by room, and sharing its evolution over time in this series. I’ll try to post a “real” photo – the mess of having 9 people living under one roof – in each post.

Tea Party with my Little Angels

Tea Party with my Little Angels

I do hope you will join me! Please comment and post pictures of your home! I’d love to get to know you too. Connect with me on Facebook, TwitterPinterestInstagram!

Home is a place to dream, hope, and connect! I hope you’ll read the rest of this series on Home and share your thoughts.

Here’s a tentative outline for the next posts in the series.

1. Home Sweet Home

2. Is Beauty in the Home Vain?

2. What I Learned from Small Beginnings

3. How a PBS Special Changed My Mind on House Style

4. Historic Vacations that Influenced My Architectural Style

5. Why I Like Historic Homes

5. What’s in A Pantry

6. Why I Love Outdoor Living Spaces

7.Why I Would Choose a Porch Over a Larger Room

8. My Favorite Part of the Kitchen

9. Why I Collect Art in the Home

10. If Walls Could Talk

11. Solace of a Bedroom…..AND MORE TO COME!

29 responses to “My Home Sweet Home”

  1. Happy Days Farm / Penny says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and beautiful home with us Stacy! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I’m extremely excited that you decided to proceed with your “Home Sweet Home” series. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Julie Lovette says:

    This was awesome

  4. Mary-Jane says:

    This is so beautiful! I have always said home should be the shelter from the rest of the world where you know you are loved, cherished and safe. It is so very important to create this safe haven for our loved ones. So looking forward to your series!!!

    • stacy says:

      Hey Mary-Jane. Glad to hear from you. Yes, the world can be a rough place. To be surrounded by beauty and those you love is irreplaceable, especially if the folks in the home are each other’s cheerleaders!

  5. Janie Foltz says:

    Stacy, ever since stumbling upon your Blog I have felt as if I had met another soul sister. To share with others is such beauty and a gift. Thanks for your lovely posts. I look so forward to the posts to come. Janie

  6. Joy Jenkins says:

    I am so glad I stumbled across your Instagram and now you’re blog! Excited to read this series!

    • stacy says:

      Joy, hurray! Glad you found me on Instagram and now here. I’m excited to be sharing and hope you’ll like the series. I’ll connect with you on Instagram too!

  7. Stacy, You have a beautiful home. God has truly blessed you with a wonderful family and home. Keep up the good work. I first discovered you on The Sporting Chef with Scott Leysath. Talk to you later

  8. Tiffany says:

    I loved reading this! Yes, yes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and the heartbeat behind it. Love you, friend!

    • stacy says:

      You certainly know about homes! Please come visit soon and let’s do that art shoot. I’ve been waiting because so many pieces need to be framed. I have several new pieces.

  9. Kristi Phipps says:

    When I read your questions about why it took so long to get started, the idea popped into my mind that this area of the HOME is a battleground…( there was some resistence assailed against you due to truth being broadcast!)…you are a warrior for our Lord in preserving a great many things! I so enjoy your books and blogs; you are in my prayers. Sally forth, my sister!


    • stacy says:

      Kristi, what kind words and I love your prayers!! Every day I’m seeing to do what I am here to do and it gets a little blurry sometimes. Thank you so much. You are a God-send to me to be sure!

  10. Dian Sims says:

    Such warmth in your words makes me so happy because of my love for your family You have a beautiful way with words and a more beautiful way of living life Cant wait to read next entry❤

    • stacy says:

      Dian, thank you so much. I am so happy that you are reading these posts!! You have been such an encouragement and treasure to me. Your life represents everything I’d like to be. Thanks so much!

  11. Deborah Riddle says:

    Such a wonderful and timely subject. We need to hear more about healthy creative homes! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  12. Ronda Martin says:

    Saw you on the Hagee show! Was so impressed, I came here to see what recipes you had….. impressive!! 🙂

    • stacy says:

      Thank you so much, Ronda!! I’ll be doing a few more shows with the Hagee’s in a few weeks. Glad you are here! Hope you love it.

  13. What a beautiful home you have! I TOTALLY understand what you mean! I’ve wanted to do a HOME post on my blog for a long time but feel that I just can’t do my home justice… by that I do not mean justice in showing a pretty house, but in showing what HOME means to us inside this old ranch house. Vulnerable is the perfect description. Yes, your house is BEAUTIFUL, but I also see the HOME that is full of the love of JESUS!!!

    • stacy says:

      Yes, full of Jesus! Shawn, it is really hard to do posts on home because it’s hard to express it; the fulness, the energy, and love found in homelife…if it is created. Sadly, it isn’t for some, but we mothers need to create it as much as possible. The world can be a harsh place and home keeps us grounded!

  14. Jerolyn says:

    Stacy, you know how much I love all this!! You have done such an excellent job conveying all the beauty and potential of home and family!!! I love your story, your home, and you! Praying for you and Scott, and your dear children. Much love, so proud of you ❤

  15. […] 13 years ago, they relocated their warehouse and sold the bricks.  Since we were building a “new” historic house we bought every one of the bricks for the base of our historic home and laid walkways with the ones […]

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