Venison Fajita Recipe

Venison is always one of my very favorite meats to add to my fajitas. Its amazing flavor and texture work perfectly in this capacity. I added sweet potatoes to my vegetable mixture in this recipe and it tasted amazing. I love to walk out in the garden and just pick things ready to harvest and come up with recipes. Fajitas are always a winner with most vegetables.

Although I use venison in this recipe, you can substitute beef or even chicken if you like. Venison has an amazing flavor that you just can’t replicate, but I love the other meats as well. If you choose beef, I’d use flank steak or skirt steak to gt the best flavor and texture.

When I prepare fajitas I rarely measure ingredients. It’s usually equal parts onions and each vegetable that I add to the mixture. The vegetables should make up half of the filling and the meat the other half. I then add my favorite cheese, a dollop of sour cream, a few slices of avocado and sometimes black beans, depending on my mood.

I find this is the absolute easiest way to make fajitas! Cooking everything at once on the oven means faster preparation and easy clean up. Don’t forget to warm the tortilla on the griddle and use the side that is turned down on the griddle for the inside of your tortilla. How great is that! This is my go-to fast food from my kitchen to yours!

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