Teaching Diction

Teaching Diction for Future Business Owners
Teaching Diction for Future Business Owners

Today I began a curriculum of teaching diction to my kids.  I have noticed that I have been having to look at some of the kid’s mouths, that is read lips!!! to understand what they have been telling me.  They are all very smart and have no speech problems, but they are being a bit lazy in pronouncing their words.  In today’s world of communicating, we must speak clearly, and effectively so that people can understand us.  Not only this, wrong speech impedes spelling.  If taught spelling using phonics, you can see how this may be a huge problem.

Southerners especially sound out their “a’s” and “i’s” to where they sound very much alike.  I have noticed with all of my children that their spelling is exactly as their speech.  I determined to change their way of speaking.  It is not that I want them to lose their accent, but I want them to truly know the corrrect way that letters sound.

I remembered a church choir teacher, Jerry, that made each of us succinct with our tones and our vowels when holding out notes.  If I am reading and singing, I am able to speak without an accent.  I was taught to open my mouth wide and to separate words as well as put endings on words.  These three items will remove accents and help others to have an easier time listening to our speaking.

I am adding to my curriculum singing!!!  That is it!  I will teach as we learn songs.  I will keep you all posted on our improved spelling and my less agitation at not understanding the kids (or lack thereof) when my experiment is over.  Any thoughts?  Leave them in the comment box!!  I would love to hear from you all!!

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