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Vacation for the Family

We needed a vacation for the family.  Home away from home to us are the mountains in Tennessee.

Harris Family in the Mountains

Harris Family in the Mountains

We have enjoyed this trip for many years!  We had great aspirations this year to hike 12 miles up to Mount LeConte.  Rain, Rain, Rain!

Hunter and Milly

Hunter and Milly

Well, we decided that rain was not going to be a factor in our plans, and so, picked up a couple of AR-15’s. The weather forecast said that the rain would stop mid-morning and that was our hope.  I am afraid that the forecasters were quite wrong!!!  To say the least, we did not make it to the top.  We ended up stopping at the 3 mile mark, Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls

We made it to Rainbow Falls!

Many of the kids wanted to keep tracking onward, but my baby..well she is 3…was quite ready to return to the dry car and as she kept saying, “I want to go back to the hotel and swim!”

Hiking in Tennessee

Hiking in Tennessee

Despite our not making it to the top, we had a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment and I have to say, I was very happy to see the suburban in the distance up ahead!!

Stacy Loving Howlett!

Stacy Loving Howlett!

On one of our many adventures, the sights of deer were amazing!  Our family loves wildlife and photography.  Every one of the kids were trying to get an up close pictures of these magnificent creatures.  You can just imagine how we might have sounded like a herd of goats approaching these wild animals.  As they were retreating, Scott got this amazing shot…a photography shot, just to set the record straight.

Cade's Cove Adventure

Cade’s Cove Adventure


On the way back home, we always make it a tradition to find a great out of the way restaurant and eat with the locals.  Trying to find the locations can be quite entertaining and somewhat scary!  It is always great fun when Scott is taking direction from one of the boys in particular.  I am not sure how many miles we wasted looking for this hole-in-the-wall destination, but there were many “turn now” instructions given whereby I saw my life flash before my eyes.  Well, I have to say, it was well worth it.  Fried chicken, fries, beans, and mashed potatoes awaited us.  I think that it was some of the best fried chicken I have ever had.

Upon arriving home, the transcript of my book was at the door for my review!!!  I spent countless hours combing it over to make sure it would be perfect for you readers!  I am in love once again with the book and am so excited for you to see the final product.

Our family has thankfully remained well throughout the past few months, but this week we have regretfully gotten a cold!  I guess hiking in the rain may not have been a good idea!  Well…it makes for a lot of great memories anyway!!!

4 responses to “Vacation for the Family”

  1. Judy Foreman says:

    Enjoyed the photos and your trip with you. thanks! judy

    • Stacy Harris says:

      Thanks Judy! It was so much fun, despite there was rain and no snow! the kids wanted snow so badly. Wouldn’t you know, it started to snow the day we left?!

  2. Jody says:

    Ok Stacy, you should have emailed us and you could have visited with our family on your way back through at least! We would have loved to have you at our home and farm. Might not be as exciting as you might hope, but we could have had some fun. Let us know when you come back through and we will set a date for the Harris family to visit the Dake family!!! We love Cades Cove, although we have about as many deer and turkey here now as they do, if not more. Just not those BIG bucks. Great pics!!! Glad you had a great vacation!!!
    Always Experiencing Him,

    • Stacy Harris says:

      Wow! I didn’t realize you had so many deer and turkey. How great is that! We had so much fun walking so closely with the animals and being able to take their pictures. They were still skittish, but not like “real wild” animals who don’t have contact with people. We would love to visit. Maybe next year. I will let you know. Let us know when you are coming through Alabama and we can meet up sometime then!

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