Stacy Lyn’s Meal Made Easy: Green Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day

In this post, I’ll share traditional and not so traditional St. Patrick’s Day dishes.

I used to have so much fun picking out my green outfit for school on St. Patrick’s Day so that I wouldn’t get pinched. Do any of you remember that? As grownups, we can have fun with this holiday by serving some tasty green food.

green food for St. Patrick's

What is St. Patrick’s Day really about?

Here’s a little background on this holiday:

St. Patrick’s Day began in the 17th Century in celebration of Christianity’s arrival in Ireland. Strangely enough, St. Patrick himself wasn’t Irish. He was born in Britain to a wealthy family at the end of the 4th century and is thought to have died around 460 A.D. on March 17.

When Patrick was a teenager, Irish raiders took him prisoner and kept him captive in Ireland. During that time he worked as a shepherd, far from other people. Scared and lonely, the young Patrick turned to God for comfort.

After six years, Patrick escaped and returned to Britain. However, he had a dream in which an angel told him he needed to return to Ireland as a Christian missionary. After completing religious training and entering the priesthood, he did just that. He is credited with making Ireland a Christian nation.

What’s with the Green Food?

One reason Patrick was so successful as a missionary was that he incorporated Irish culture into his religious lessons. The green that we wear (and eat) mimics the green on the three-leaf clover (Shamrock) that St. Patrick used to teach the Irish about the Trinity of Christianity. I’m beginning to love this holiday!

So let’s celebrate Patrick by making some delicious green food. Below I dish up a few green dishes, as well as a few traditional meals served in this fun celebration. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Meals Made Easy: Green Food for St. Patrick’s Day

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