Stacy Harris on the Deer and Deer Hunting Show

Anyone want to learn more about venison, and cooking it?  Don’t miss this episode of Deer and Deer Hunting.  It airs NBC Sports on Friday, August 31st at 1:30 P.M and  Saturday, September 1st at 9:00 A.M.  It also airs on NBC Sports HD on Friday, August 31st at 1:30 A.M.

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  1. John LeMay says:

    Just finished watching the show and it was great. Really like having Stacy showing her cooking skills on venison and heard she will be having a DVD coming out soon. Can”t wait to get a copy.
    It was also interesting learning how important it is to take care of you game before and after you leave the field, I have always taken great care of the venison in the field, but learned allot more about the temperature and its effects.
    Thanks Stacy and DDH.

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Thanks John! It was so much fun. I love sharing my tips on wild game. It is THE BEST protien, in my opinion, to live on! Thanks for commenting.

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