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How to Harvest Sweet Potatoes


I can’t wait to harvest my sweet potatoes.  I checked this morning and they are almost ready!!  I could eat meals of sweet potatoes mashed, fried, as pancakes, and pies.  My chipotle sauce goes great when they are sweet or savory!!!  So excited to make these!

The first year my family attempted to grow sweet potatoes, we waited and waited for the leaves to arrive on the plant.  Everyday we checked the plants and the stems seemed to be at a stand still with no leaves.  The poor grass like stems looked as if they had been freshly mowed with a lawn mower.  I could not sleep one night and began looking out the window at 3 am, and I finally had the answer to the “root” of the problem; a doe and three fawns!  We learned quickly to protect these obviously luscious plants from the hungry deer.  Sweet potatoes will last for up to 6 months if cured and stored properly.  The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes improves with proper curing.  Store sweet potatoes at around 85 degrees for 10 days.  I use my back porch in that Alabama remains hot during harvest sweet potato’s harvest season.  After the curing process, move the sweet potatoes to a storage place such as a basement or root cellar kept between 55 and 60 degrees.


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