Stacy Lyn’s Meal Made Easy: Shrimp Scampi

As I was perusing the website last week, I came across this garlicky shrimp scampi recipe I’d forgotten all about. My mouth started watering and I almost started shaking, I was so excited to revisit this tasty dish. If you got my last email, you know I’ve been crazy over bread lately, so my latest recipe, no knead artisan bread, came to mind to sop up every last goodie from the the sauce!!

For the vegetable in this meal, roasted asparagus adds a nice touch of color and flavor as well as a burst of nutrition. (Did you know that asparagus is a great source of quercetin, a flavonoid that’s helpful for many chronic health conditions?)

Meal Made Easy with Stacy Lyn - Shrimp Scampi, Artisan Bread

Shrimp scampi, fresh homemade bread, and the delicate taste of asparagus make a beautiful and well-rounded meal. However, we all know we must have dessert after such a delicious meal to make it perfect! Since the scampi is so flavorful and rich, a light and fruity key lime pie or meringue with berries seems to me like the best dessert to finish this Meal Made Easy. Let me know which you choose!


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