Stacy Lyn’s Meal Made Easy: Chicken and Dumplings

It’s all about the comfort food right now. It’s snowing in Alabama – that is saying a lot. It hardly ever snows here, so for celebration, I am going to make the best chicken and dumplings EVER! This recipe is tried and true and has never failed to get my family to the dinner table…before I call them to it. 

comfort food, featuring chicken and dumplings
For Meal Made Easy: Chicken and Dumplings, I’ve kept things simple and extra comforting. I chose a couple of favorite sides, buttery cornbread, and a scrumptious dessert to round out the meal. 
For the sides: caramelized carrots, to me, are the perfect vegetable to complement this amazing chicken and dumplings recipe, along with a side of mustardy coleslaw with apples.
The skillet cornbread is a little bit sweet and super easy to make.
For dessert, you must have my “deconstructed strawberry shortcake!” I make it using the same dough as I use to make the dumplings. It is so easy, and I can promise you, you have never tasted a better strawberry shortcake! You’ll get a little crunch from the fried dough and a light airiness from the cream, along with the sweet strawberries. Of course, you can use blueberries or blackberries if you like for this dessert. 
Get all the recipes for this meal below. Y’all try to stay warm out there!


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