Make-Ahead Easter Dinner Recipes & Tips

I wanted to give you an easy make-ahead Easter dinner this year! These recipes and tips take all the guesswork out of the equation so you can enjoy the holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with your family and friends.

Fried chicken, casserole, sides, and dessert for make ahead Easter dinner

Since church usually doesn’t let out until 12 or so, I thought a make-ahead meal would be best. I really wanted fried chicken this year and usually don’t serve it leftover. BUT this year, I have tested my fried chicken recipe’s ability to stay moist and crispy even when reheated the second day. It works!

I also have figured out the best way to freeze and reheat buttermilk biscuits. At my house they are a must to go with the fried chicken.

There are so many great sides that go with chicken and biscuits. I only chose a few this year because I don’t want a crazy, confusing day, and I imagine you don’t either. Easter dinner needs to be fun and festive but also restful. You can fill the table with good food without going crazy over the top with tons of sides. I also chose sides that are easy to make ahead and reheat later.

To pair with the fried chicken, I am going to make creamed corn (who doesn’t love that?), collards and/or turnip greens, pineapple casserole, coleslaw, and biscuits.

All of these Easter sides can be made ahead and reheated, even the biscuits. The desserts — cowboy cookies and carrot cake — are even easier to make ahead because you don’t have to reheat!

Here is a general tip for making your Easter dinner ahead and pulling it all together:

Put Serving Plates with Sticky Notes Where Finished Dishes Will Go

My recommendation is to have the serving plates and bowls out to remind you of what you will be putting in them. This also will save time when you get ready to cook.

I like to put a sticky note on the serving plate and put the serving spoon behind it. All of this should take place the day ahead of Easter.

Label the made-ahead dishes in the refrigerator, so others can help you if they need it. The sticky notes and labels make it easy for your family and friends to help!

Make-Ahead Easter Dinner Recipes

Make-Ahead Main Dish

Make-Ahead Easter Sides

Make-Ahead Desserts

Cookies and cakes usually fare well when you make them ahead because there is no need to reheat them, though you can rewarm the cookies if you like. I've chosen two desserts here that will still be great a day or two after you make them.

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