Getting Back in Shape? Healthy, Light Recipes Here.

Light, get-back-in-shape meals are on my mind and plate this week. Scott and I just got back from a special anniversary trip, and boy, did we eat! I enjoyed every bite of those meals, but now it’s time for the fast after the feast. I’m keeping it light and healthy but still savoring all these fresh flavors.

montage of five light, healthy meals - chopped salad with fruit, cocoa venison, herb salad, rice with butternut squash, quail lettuce wraps

These are the same kind of meals that helped me get rid of the baby fat after having each of my kids.

It’s all about moderation. There’s a time for cheesy hushpuppies and fried catfish, and there’s a time for nourishing soups, light fresh salads, and these incredible quail lettuce wraps. They’re all delicious. You really never have to give up flavor!

Oh, and since apple cider vinegar is supposed to help with weight loss, I’m including my daughter-in-law’s recipe for homemade ACV.

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