Easy 4th of July Recipes

Happy Independence Day! I’m so thankful we are still celebrating it 244 years later. I’m guessing that the first anniversary of the Declaration of Independence occasioned some feasting. When we say that something is “as American as apple pie,” we acknowledge that food is at the heart of our American life and celebrations. It definitely is for our family, and I’m sure it is for you too! Right? These 4th of July recipes will take your celebration up a notch.

easy 4th of July recipes montage: fried chicken, red-white-and-blue trifle, rice salad, pickles

Whether you are hosting a big July 4 cookout, having a picnic before the fireworks, or just making a family dinner, these recipes will help make your Independence Day special.

I have a few 4th of July salad recipes that are so incredible they could be eaten alone. Take for instance this Rice Salad–it’s filling and super portable for travel. Or you may want to go with my granny’s classic Potato Salad with creamy mayo and her secret ingredient, dill pickle.

Cooking out is always a treat. Ribs and hamburgers are the preference this year at our house, especially with potato salad. Last year we had fried chicken, again with potato salad. You could say the potato salad is always a mainstay on our celebration table.

For a 4th of July dessert recipe, the trifle is spectacular! It’s got the right colors and is light and cool with the creamiest custard. It’s absolutely the perfect dessert for this celebration.

Whatever food you choose for your feast, I hope you have an amazing Independence Day!

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    Your recipes are always so delicious
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