Easter Meal: Stacy Lyn’s Meal Made Easy

Easter is nearly here, and purple is our meal! Usually, we think of purple as representing royalty. On Easter, though, the color purple symbolizes penance and humility. You can learn more about Easter colors and their symbolism here.

A Complete Easter Meal

Now for the food: this Easter menu is traditional and easy. Since the possibilities are almost endless, I’m going to be sharing more menu ideas in two separate Easter posts.

The centerpiece of this dinner is the Southern Baked Ham with Easy Ham Glaze. (Note the emphasis is on “easy” here!) This traditional holiday recipe includes a glaze that will work with any ham. 

For sides, there are World’s Best Potato Salad, Glazed Baby Carrots, and Coleslaw with Mustard and Apples. I’ve also included my simple No Knead Artisan Bread recipe to complete the meal.

Easter Meal Made Easy

Is Something Missing from This Easter Meal?

Wait a minute, you may be thinking: what about dessert? No Easter dinner is complete without it, right? I’ve got you covered for that, too. The problem was, I couldn’t possibly choose just one. Click here for a whole roundup of Easter desserts.

Easter Meal Made Easy: the Menu

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