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I’m super excited to write a review of Rugosa written by my friend, Creek Stewart. First, I have to say one of the things I love about Creek is his creativity, resourcefulness,  and love for life. It shows through in pages of Rugosa.

Creek and I first met at an event in which we were both speakers. I knew he was a man of integrity, substance, and character within seconds. He’s been a true friend.

I find chivalry, patriotism, family values, resourcefulness, and unselfishness in the main character, Omaha, in Rugosa. In a nutshell Rugosa is a fictional love story centered around an oppressed America and American citizens being captured, killed, or forced into labor camps. Omaha, 17 years old, travels to save a friend from certain death by the World Union Government. In his 400 mile journey, he encounters physical and mental challenges that test every aspect of Omaha’s being.

Omaha is well-grounded having had excellent relationships with his father and grandfather who are now deceased leaving him to care for his mother and sister. Throughout the book Omaha is reminded of the lessons his parents taught him which save his life on many fronts, from providing food and water to lessons about human nature.

Omaha comes from a family that spent time together in the outdoors making him self-sufficient and able to survive in the unfortunate circumstances he finds himself. Not only did it help him survive physically, the memories sustained him as well — “My mind immediately goes to Grandpa and Dad and all the times we had together tracking, hunting, fishing, being in the wilderness together and all of our times scouting.”

Much of his travel and challenge take place in the woods where he must find food, which always intrigues me. I love the resourcefulness and the respect that he exhibits for capturing wild life.

One of my older boys started reading Rugosa and couldn’t put it down. I had the same experience as I read the book.

Get the book!! It’s a good read!

Rugosa by Creek Stewart
Rugosa by Creek Stewart

To find out more about Creek, visit his website


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