Southern Landscapes and Farmers Markets

I treasure the times I get to drive through Southern Landscapes and pull over at  the Farmers Markets and local stores I come across. Today was one of those days. Scott and I would take long drives talking and laughing during our dating years and we are now enjoying the same tradition with our kids.

I hope my kids will find beauty in the simple things around them.
I hope my kids will find beauty in the simple things around them.

Southern Landscapes and Farmers Markets are my two favorite things!

If something looks interesting, we stop. You never know what you will find.

Farmer's Market

Farmers MarketToday’s treasure happened to be this wonderful Farmers Market in Orrville, Alabama. It’s just past Selma and in the middle of nowhere.

Orrville Where Living is Easy
Orrville Where Living is Easy

Starving, we decided to have a “meat and three” which happened to be exceptional. It seems every time we eat at Farmers Markets the food is out of this world great!

I love restaurants in Farmer's Markets. You just can't beat fresh local foods.
I love restaurants in Farmers Markets. You just can’t beat fresh local foods.

The owners are incredible people who love the community, support the farmers (and writers and craftsmen) around the area, and have opened a space for educating kids and adults in the community how to preserve their harvests! I LOVE it!

Orrville Farmer's Market was a great surprise to our off the grid country drive today!
Orrville Farmers Market was a great surprise to our off the grid country drive today!

By the way, you can find my books there!

Farmer's Market's gifts shops are my absolute favorite.
Farmer’s Market’s gifts shops are my absolute favorite.

One of the things I adore about country drives is the beauty that I find in the ordinary.

Fields in Orville, Alabama - if fields could talk...
Fields in Orville, Alabama – if fields could talk…
Orrville Railway
Orrville Railway

Long dirt roads lead to someone’s life or someone’s “honey hole.”

If these roads could talk...

If these roads could talk…Daffidils on the side of the road. I wonder who planted them there?

Historic Home in Orrville
Historic Home in Orrville

I can imagine the life of those who lived in this home.

A treat to the eyes!
Eye Candy!

How grand! How beautiful. The house just speaks of the souls that once lived there.

Majestic Southern Home in Orrville
Majestic Southern Home in Orrville

An amazing day with the most important people in my life; how could I ever ask for more? I love that I get to experiencing life with these gifts of mine!

Southern Landscape
Southern Landscape

Beauty, excitement, and joy in the ordinary…

Peaceful rows of crops in Alabama.
Peaceful rows of crops in Alabama.

Please tell me your favorite thing to do with your family in the comments – things that brings you closer, causes you to laugh together, or just brings you joy.

Thanks for spending a few minutes here on my site. Let me know you were here.

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  1. Wonderful musings! I often wonder the same things when I see those old roads, farms, country stores, etc. Love those old wooden shacks, or even a solitary chimney. What stories they could tell. Haven’t been that way in years, but worked a summer just north of there between Browns and Marion Junction with the DoT.

    1. It makes work a lot more fun when you get to see the beauty around you! Thanks for sharing that. I love Marion too. The old homes are gorgeous.

  2. What a pleasure to look at these beautiful photographs of your country outing. I always enjoy glimpses into your world!

    1. Thanks Rene! We went to the same location the next day and found breathtaking historic homes looking over the river surrounded by cotton fields. The light was so perfect. Of course, I forgot my good camera and had to use the iPhone. So beautiful.

  3. I wish, but you are doing. What a beautiful life you have and are wise enough to appreciate it. I was born in LA (lower Alabama) but grew up everywhere. Growing up, I always loved going back to Alabama and would spend many weekends with my grandparents visiting relatives in Victoria, Enterprise and Dothan. I have such incredible memories of my grandparents and great grandparents. I remember the amazing meals that we would have on Sundays or even better, the meals brought to the church for the all day “singin”. My great grandfather could preach some scary fire and brimstone sermons, but my most tender memories revolve around mealtimes. Your recipes take me back to those days and bring tears to my eyes but joy to my heart. Now I’m going into my kitchen and “fix” your southern fried cornbread and fried green tomatoes, picked fresh this morning by a friend in Tipton County, Tennessee and reminiscence about those beautiful days of long ago. When I can, I go back to visit my birthplace in Phenix City and regardless of how many years have passed, when I cross that Alabama line, I’m home. My husband says that’s an Alabama thing and I think he may just be right. Thank you for your incredible recipes and for reminding me of some wonderful times in my life.

    1. Thank you so much Linda. That touched my heart to the core. I could just see what you were describing. I can’t tell you what it means to me. What a great legacy having your dad preach and then eating with the family on Sunday afternoons. What fond memories. Thank you for sharing them with me. I hope you enjoy the recipes – the fried cornbread is on e of my very favorites!

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