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Stacy Lyn Harris was interviewed and featured on Huffington Post after her book release! Here’s a link and snippet and a few quotes from the article:

Chef/Author/Lawyer Mom of 7 Rocks it Like Great-Grandma With ‘Game and Garden’ Lifestyle

Stacy Lyn interviewed for Huffington Post
Stacy Lyn interviewed for Huffington Post

And while she’s made her name as the kind of gal who can head outdoors and bring back dinner, Harris is quick to point out that any of the recipes in the book, HARVEST,  can certainly be made with items from your local grocer – she just likes doing things the hard way.

Which has not always been the case. Harris was a town girl, an only child growing up in Montgomery, AL where she learned to cook at her grandmother’s side. But when she was in college studying to be a lawyer, she met husband Scott, a dental student and avid hunter and fisherman. Stacy got a peek at a different way of life.

But you’re seeing chefs change the way they cook now back to the way things were 70 years ago, the trend is to cook bright food and serve it with a lighter entrée. That’s what the South is becoming, the ‘new old South’ kind of feel and I think it’s the same everywhere – the idea is to keep produce in its natural state as much as possible to really get those flavors through and not hide or mask them in any way. Beautiful plates make tasteful plates.”

One thing she’s never been able to do though is “find time for Stacy. I didn’t ever do anything without the kids – I look back now and I think that’s probably the way it was meant to be. Once in a while I’d tell my husband, ‘I’m really about to lose my mind’ and I’d go for a long country drive. When the kids were younger, that was a time of learning to say ‘no’ to myself – I’ve had to say no to a lot of good things to get accomplished what I wanted to get accomplished.”

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  1. Did you really birth seven children. You look so beautiful I love your shows

    1. I really did – I remember all the births quite well!! Thank you so much!!

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