Easter Recipes Round-Up!

Round up of easter dishes
What a beautiful display! That’s my one-skillet pork chops, the Key Lime Pie extraordinaire, glazed baby carrots, and roasted asparagus

If you know me, you know I love holidays like Easter. Getting together with family and friends and taking time to celebrate and enjoy life is all so wonderful. Planning for the holidays, on the other hand, can sometimes turn into a hassle. There are so many decisions to make, like finding the right place to host or coming up with the perfect meal plan. It can all come together so fast sometimes that it makes you wonder why you agreed to host in the first place. Well, I thought I’d help out a little bit by gathering up all my Easter recipes in one place, leaving you with a little less to plan for. So behold, it’s my Easter recipe round-up.

You can follow each link to get to the recipe. You can also find these recipes in my Harvest Cookbook and Tracking the Outdoors In book as well. Pick up a copy of each, they have tons of other recipes, tips, and family stories for you to enjoy!

Main Courses:

I know some of you might not eat pork, or maybe you’re just looking for a different meat option. If that’s the case then you MUST try the lamb. I promise it’s absolutely delicious!

Side Dishes:


Finally, I made a tutorial for a fun Easter activity we all enjoy: dyeing Easter eggs! I did it my way and only used natural ingredients, meaning no store-bought dye! It really turned out great, and you should try it if you’re looking for a fun Easter project that brings the whole family together.

Easter eggs dyed using natural ingredients
Using only natural ingredients to dye our Easter eggs yielded amazing results!

Regardless of how you decide to plan out your holiday, take some time to enjoy being around the whole family for Easter! These are the kinds of moments you don’t want to pass up.

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